Age: 23
Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
Bust Cup Size: C
Eye Colour: Hazel
Height: 176cm
Size: 6-8
Rate: 800 p/h

Beautifully poised and possessing impeccable manners, Portia is a high-class escort with a first-class body.

This young model boasts long blonde hair, beautiful big eyes, silky smooth, translucent skin and very kissable, soft lips.

Naturally blessed, Portia is tall and leggy, with firm perky breasts. She has the kind of athletic yet sensual body that is the envy of most women and the desire of every man. You will certainly enjoy exploring every inch of her tanned and toned form.

Having a very down-to-earth, relaxed nature, Portia is an ideal companion for any occasion. She is also a tender romantic who enjoys kissing, touching and caressing. Portia always creates the feeling of a true girlfriend and is the true embodiment of a high-class escort.


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