polish model in purple lingerieIt’s no secret that sex feels good, but did you know that it can also make your body do amazing things? From ejaculating at high speeds to producing happy hormones, you won’t believe what the average human is capable of when aroused.

Speedy Ejaculation

The average male ejaculates at a rate of 45 kilometres per hour. That’s only a little bit slower than you’re allowed to drive in most suburban areas! This initial burst of speed is designed to give sperm a head start, although obviously the ejaculate doesn’t keep moving quite so fast once it’s actually inside a vagina. In fact, sperm can only swim about 1.5 inches every 15 minutes. Some scientists think that men can actually increase their ejaculation speed by training their Kegel muscles (the muscles used to supress urine).

Lady Boners

It’s not just male genitalia that get bigger during sex. When a woman is on the verge of orgasm, her vagina will become engorged, responding in pretty much the same way a penis would. An aroused vagina can actually double in size, as blood rushes to that part of the body, causing the clitoris to swell. It’s pretty much the female version of getting an erection, although the difference in size isn’t actually visible to the naked eye. A woman’s breasts can get bigger during sex too. In fact, they may swell by up to 25%. Sadly, the swelling isn’t permanent and will fade quickly after sex.

Masturbation = Happiness

If you’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps lately, you might want to consider masturbating more often. Getting yourself off isn’t just a good way to ease sexual tension – studies have found that orgasms can help prevent bouts of depression. This is how it works: our bodies produce endorphins, a chemical that works by relieving pain and reducing stress, almost like a natural antidepressant. Exercising can release endorphins, as can laughing, eating chocolate and buying new things. You know what else releases endorphins? Orgasms! When you come, a flood of endorphins gets released into your brain, filling you up with happy hormones. If you still feel sad despite having regular orgasms, you might want to pay a visit to your doctor for alternative treatment methods.

Sex Makes You Sleepy

Forgot about sleeping pills – sex is actually one of the most powerful cures for insomnia. Scientists aren’t sure why, but nearly everyone feels sleepy after sex. This is especially true for men, who can often roll over and pass out literally seconds after doing the deed. Some researchers think this sudden onset of fatigue may be due to changes in blood flow. When a male orgasms, up to 70% of the left side of their brain experiences less blood flow, because the blood is off doing other important things, such as maintaining their erection. With less blood flow, the brain is unable to activate as many neurons, which can make you feel sleepy.
We hope you enjoyed today’s anatomy lesson! The physical side effects of sex are pretty amazing, and our lovely ladies know all about them. Simply contact us to make a booking.

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