tall leggy sydney escort with charismaAre you sick of being awkward or unnoticed? Sure, some people have natural charisma, but it’s also a skill you can develop. As long as you are self-aware and practise your techniques, you will find yourself dominating any social activity, whether it’s your next work function or an evening with one of our gorgeous model escorts. Read on to discover how you can make yourself more magnetic to others.

1. Be Present

Have you ever spoken to someone who had a faraway look in their eyes while you were speaking? Did it make you feel like they were actually interested in what you had to say? Probably not. A lot of the charm inherent in charismatic people lies in their ability to make other people feel like they are the most important person in the room. It’s never about promoting yourself – that can often come across as arrogant. Remind yourself that it’s not all about you and actually listen to others. You will find that people respond to you when you are truly present and engaged.

2. Look Confident

You’ve probably heard the old expression, “Fake it ‘til you make it”, right? There’s a lot of truth in that gem. Don’t get lost in your head and shrink away from interaction. Tell yourself that you are interesting, you have value, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be enjoying yourself. Check your posture, put a smile on, and be approachable. If you close yourself off, no one will make an effort to get near you, which will only affirm negative feelings. If you’re approachable, you are more likely to have a positive experience, bolstering your self-esteem until eventually you feel genuinely confident.

3. Be Expressive

Learning to talk with your whole body can be a challenge, especially if you are someone who would normally prefer to be in the background. Being expressive makes you stand out, and when people are watching you, they may watch you make mistakes. That’s okay though – just try and remember that no one is analysing what you do as much as you are. The honest truth is everyone is so busy worrying about how they are portraying themselves they simply don’t notice all the little things you do ‘wrong’. But when you put a little extra effort into your body language and facial expressions, you come alive and people will find themselves drawn to you.

4. Talk to People

If you’re particularly shy or introverted, simply talking to people can be anything from a big effort to extremely intimidating. There’s good news and bad news: it will get better, but only with practice. Take every opportunity you can to converse – find some common ground, share experiences, and tell stories. Stop worrying about clever lines; people respond just as well if you just focus on being nice. If nothing else, ask questions and be receptive to the answers. You’ll seem engaged and intelligent without needing to put too much effort in.

If you’re keen to put some of these techniques into practice, why not book some time with one of our stunning Sydney escorts? Choose your favourite from our gallery and contact us to get the ball rolling.

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