creative sexual positionsHaving a favourite sex position is awesome. It’s a bit like having a reliable old friend ready to help you go the distance every time. You know what you’re doing, how it all works, and how to deliver the goods.
Here’s the bad news: you could be missing out on amazing sex. You might be throwing away awesome sex in favour of your go-to moves. If you’ve treated yourself to a date with one of our stunning model escorts, make sure you have some creative ideas in your arsenal so you can spice up your night.
Need a few suggestions to get you started? Never fear – we have you covered!

1. Counter Connection

Find a countertop. Any will do, although ideally you want it to be a little lower than pelvis level for you. Place her sitting on the counter and slide her forward until she is right on the edge, or even hanging off the edge slightly. Then lift her legs up and go for it. You’ll find this position lets you experience extremely deep penetration, as well as letting you brace against her body, which will give you the ability to control the speed and rhythm effectively.

2. Laundry Labrador

Put a new twist on doggy style with the ‘Laundry Lab’ move. Turn the washing machine on before bending her over it and continuing in the normal fashion. Between the heat from the machine and the unusual location, the washing machine won’t be the only thing turned on when you give this technique a whirl. Added bonus: you can do more than your escort here – if you have any dirty washing, take advantage of the situation and kill two birds with one stone!

3. Dirty Doorway

Hopefully your doorways are clean, because you might be spending some time braced against them if you give the ‘Dirty Doorway’ a go. Work on your leg stamina in this position – you’ll need to squat with your back against the doorframe. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and get her to sit on your lap with her back to you. She can brace against the other side of the doorway and control the movement. It might be worth putting a blanket or towel behind your back to avoid discomfort.

4. Couch Climber

Good news: you get to sit down. Better news: you will both enjoy this easy yet stimulating position. Take a seat on your couch and get her to climb on facing you. If she stays on her feet and squats instead of resting on her knees, she will be able to achieve great bounce and depth. This is a perfect position for a woman who likes to take control of the situation, and you get to relax and enjoy the view. Alternatively, you could use your hands for extracurricular activities.

Don’t be afraid to get out of the bedroom and explore what your residence can offer. Stairs, furniture and walls are all opportunities to try out something new. Ready to get started with one of our Sydney escorts? Choose your favourite escort from our gallery and call us on 02 9922 2899 to set up your date.

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