sexy blonde in pink lingerieOrgasms are marvellous things. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, or how you prefer to achieve this majestic finish, one thing is almost universal – they feel amazing. You probably knew that much already. Now come one, come all, and check out some facts you might not have known about orgasms.

1. The Average Person Has a Lot

If you’re a man, you can expect to have around 4,233 orgasms over your lifetime. Of course, this is an average, and your personal number might be a lot higher or a lot lower. Women, on the other hand, reportedly experience around 1,836 orgasms. Don’t stress if you’re on track to beat that record (or have ‘beaten’ it already) – there’s no shame in winning this race!

2. Women Aren’t the Only Fakers

While women hold the trophy for faking it between the sheets, a whopping 34% of men have admitted to pulling the blindfold over their partner’s eyes. More than half of those men cite wanting to preserve their partner’s feelings as the key reason for this deception, and it generally has to do with exhaustion, stress or alcohol/drug consumption.

3. You Don’t Need Genitals to Orgasm

The word orgasm always seems to align with thoughts of genitals. That’s not always the case, though. There are people who, for whatever reason, cannot enjoy genitally-stimulated orgasms and thus get enjoyment from other erogenous zones. Orgasms have been recorded that occurred due to the stimulation of an eyebrow, the knee, and even from brushing teeth (yes, we’re jealous as well!). While anyone can have these uniquely sensitive areas, people who deal with paralysis in their life often develop new erogenous zones to compensate for the lack of sensation in their lower torso.

4. You Can Have Them When You’re Dead

Theoretically, it is even possible to orgasm when you’re dead. Certain responses have been observed in cadavers that are being kept alive on a respirator, usually for organ donation purposes. Hypothetically, if you stimulated a specific response in the nervous system, it would be possible for the deceased body to orgasm. Any last requests?

5. Quite the Buzz

Did your parents ever tell you about the birds and the bees? What they probably forgot to mention was the fact that when the queen bee mates with a drone, the drone’s testicles explode and lodge inside the queen. This is thought to be evolutionary, designed to prevent another drone fertilising her eggs. While it makes perfect sense, that’s probably little comfort for the dead drone whose genitals now reside inside the queen. That’s one way to encourage adolescent abstinence!

Orgasms can be complex and varied experiences for all people. If you are hoping to give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm (minus the exploding and detaching testicles, hopefully), communicate with them and try to deliver a total-package sensual experience.

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