tall leggy blonde laying on loungeFor a guaranteed good time between the sheets, there are certain things you simply can’t do without. As Sydney’s most in-demand escorts, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to good sex. If your hook ups have been leaving you unsatisfied, we may be able to help. Before your next date, make sure you’ve ticked off the following essentials:

Sexual Compatibility

No matter how attractive you find someone, the sex is going to suck if you aren’t compatible. From having imbalanced sex drives to different tastes in positions, there are all kinds reasons why two people might not match make a good match.
Everyone has their own innate style when it comes to sex, and trying to mould someone into a suitable sexual partner is almost always doomed to fail. The trick to having good sex is finding someone who complements your own style.
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From one-night-stands to long-term relationships, being able to talk during sex is vital to every kind of couple. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what works for you, with very explicit instructions. Don’t be afraid about sounding too demanding either; you partner will probably appreciate the help. Why suffer in silence when you could be having the best sex of your life?

Body Confidence

Nothing can ruin sex quite like a lack of body confidence. Whether you’re worried about stretch marks or a little extra padding around your waistline, stressing out about what you look like when naked will kill your sex drive faster than a cold shower. If your insecurities have stemmed from criticisms your partner has made about your body, do yourself a favour and dump them. Learning how to overcome body image issues may take time, but your perseverance will be worth it when you start having the best, most confident sex of your life.


Mind-blowing sex almost always features foreplay, whether it’s long and drawn out or short and sweet. The whole point of foreplay is to build anticipation for the final act, allowing you and your partner to experience maximum pleasure. Foreplay doesn’t just warm you up physically either; it also gets you in the right state of mind for sex by releasing happy hormones into your brain. Studies have shown that foreplay leads to longer sex and more orgasms, and you can’t argue with science.


This might not be the sexiest subject, but protection plays an extremely important role in good sex. Putting on a condom (or whatever kind of protection you’re using) can be a bit of hassle in the heat of the moment, but using protection will allow you to let go and really relax. Rather than stressing about potential infections or whether other methods of birth control are being used, you’ll be able to be concentrate all your energy on having a good time.
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