sexy model in handcuffs and fishnet stockingsIt’s hard to imagine that there could be any way to improve a steamy night with one of the world’s most beautiful women. But what if she turned up with a suite of tools designed for nothing more than intensifying and amplifying your pleasure? Sounds pretty good, right? Talk to your escort if you’re interested in exploring toys – you never know what she’ll have that could take you to a whole new plane of satisfaction.


Surrendering control can be very erotic. Let yourself be tied to the bedhead with a few scarves or ties. Handcuffs or belts are perfect if you’re more familiar with bondage. Restricting your ability to move will focus your attention more intensely on the acts being performed on you, which can make even the most routine experiences mind-blowing. A blindfold can also dramatically increase the pleasure. You’ll always be pleasantly surprised when you can’t see what’s coming next.

Finger Vibrators

The light touch of a few fingers through your hair or down your spine can really get your heart racing. Imagine how much better the sensation would be with the addition of tiny, invigorating vibrations. Finger vibrators are small devices that sit on the tip of the finger and excite the skin with tiny, ultrafast vibrations. Because they’re so small and on the tip of the finger, you can easily target specific parts of the body with pinpoint accuracy. If one isn’t enough, there are gloves available that send the pleasurable pulses out through each finger.

Penis Rings

Penis rings are designed to get the most pleasurable sensations possible from the penis. Made of metal, leather, nylon or rubber, penis rings slide over the penis and sit at the base of the shaft. They restrict blood flow, giving you an intense erection that is much more sensitive to the touch. Many have inbuilt vibrators to increase stimulation for you and your partner. A word of warning though – because they restrict blood flow, it’s not a good idea to wear a penis ring for extended periods. Take it off after about twenty minutes.

Prostate and Perineum Stimulators

If you’re looking for extreme pleasure, you may have to look beyond the penis. For many men, the most intensely pleasurable parts of the body are the perineum (between the anus and the scrotum) and the prostate (inside the anus). There are a variety of massagers available that are specially designed to stimulate these areas, often at the same time. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. If you’re comfortable with prostate stimulation, you may want to try butt plugs, which are little tools that are inserted into the anus to apply constant pressure on the prostate. Using a butt plug during sex will drive you to new heights of pleasure.

Concave Vibrators

The scrotum is another one of those sometimes overlooked erogenous zones. It feels great when held, and even better massaged. Some smart engineers have devised a new style of vibrator with a concave form that perfectly cups the scrotum. It’ll send little shivers of pleasure right through your body.

Think about what you might like to play with next time you’re with your favourite escort. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure what to do with it – your partner can guide you through the experience and help you get the most out of it. Toys could be a really exciting addition to an already fantastic experience – which will you try first?

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