Is it possible that a sex life is like a fine wine? There are so many anecdotes buzzing around about hitting 40 and finding that your sex drive has not only pulled off the highway but parked itself in a garage and locked the doors. That idea can get shelved right along with the other lies our culture tells us about sex – being ‘over the hill’ means you get to cruise along with less effort and more reward! Research has indicated that sex can definitely get better as you turn over those calendar pages. Here’s why.

1. You Are Blessed with Experience

The more sex you’ve had, the more experience you’ve got when it comes to pleasuring a partner and pleasuring yourself. You know what feels good for you and you’ve picked up plenty of techniques to make your partner feel good. Your repertoire of positions is probably large and you can mix up your steamy sessions with all sorts of moves.

2. You Care Less

You still care about the sex, of course, but you are probably less hung-up on physical flaws. Things that may have caused embarrassment when you were younger are now things you don’t even think about. Your self-esteem is higher and you are more comfortable communicating. The shyness when it comes to sexual questions or suggestions is gone, and you approach those previously awkward conversations with a sense of maturity. That means everyone knows what is going on, and elements of uncertainty are rarely a problem.

3. You Don’t Need to Sneak Around as Much

Ah, to be young again! Sneaking out to get intimate with your high-school sweetheart in the back of their car down some (hopefully) deserted alleyway. As your flexibility wanes, so does the need to sneak around to get laid. You’ll have your own place, rooms you can lock, and a credit card to book a hotel room if you really want to. Your options for locations are vastly increased, and while you can still choose somewhere that has the thrill of potentially getting busted, it’s no longer the standard by necessity. Bonus: you can be as loud as you want!

4. You Have Less Going On

The years of your 20s and 30s are notoriously stress-filled. Study, trying to get established in a career, working out how to fulfil adult responsibilities and then starting a family… all this often results in lower sex drives and less opportunity to do the deed. Once you get that bit older, and the kids are old enough to pack off to the movies or friends’ houses, you not only have the time but also the desire. Your head is in a more stable place, leaving room for other pursuits.

5. Your Hormones ChangePortia posing on floor

Hormone levels change several times throughout your life, and many are lucky enough to find that a shift in middle age leaves them with an increased sex drive to accompany their years of experience, making this a peak period for sexual satisfaction. If you happen to go the other way, you can take advantage of caring less and unashamedly pick up some remedies to get that motor going again!

Your sex life doesn’t necessarily sputter and falter as you age – there are so many reasons for the exact opposite to happen!

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