Forget losing weight or quitting smoking. The best New Year’s resolutions for 2015 are all about sex and pleasure. Whether it involves frequency or intensity, don’t feel like you’re alone in your new challenge – one of our stunning Sydney escorts would love to help you achieve your sexual resolution in 2015!

Have More Sex

How many times did you have sex this year? Were you happy with the frequency? Well, 2015 is a whole new ball game, so set yourself a new target. Sex is one of the most pleasurable experiences out there, so treat yourself to a lot more of it. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure you have a great year!

sexy blonde and brunette in lingerieHave Sex With Someone New

Do you have a favourite escort? There’s nothing wrong with that – it can be great to develop the relationship and find someone who knows just what you need to be satisfied. But why not mix things up next year? Make a date with one of our other fabulous girls. We have so many beautiful model escorts – there’s bound to be someone different who catches your eye. At the end of the day, there’s nothing stopping you from going back to your regular afterwards!

Have Sex Somewhere New

Do you keep returning to the same hotel? Can you easily make your way from the door to the bed without even needing to turn the lights on? It might be time to try a new location for your next date. You could simply find another hotel, one that’s completely different than what you’re used to. Or why not try a new room? Have you ever had sex on a kitchen table top, dining table or against the wall? What about in the bath tub? Make sex in 2015 exciting by having it somewhere out of the ordinary; somewhere unusual or exotic.

Have Sex With Something New

Sure, you can find all the pleasure you ever need in a woman – especially with one as skilled and as beautiful as our girls. But have you ever considered what other sensations might be available to you? There’s a whole range of sex toys available now that have been designed with men’s erogenous zones in mind. There are simple toys that apply pleasurable vibrations to the penis and testicles, without any penetration. If you’re more adventurous, try something that massages the prostate or the urethra – you’ll never believe how good these areas can feel with a deft touch. Try toys in the New Year – you might just discover a new way to get off!

Have Sex With More Than One Person

If you thought sex with one of our stunning models was amazing, you’ll blow your mind when two of them pair up to bring you pleasure. A threesome is on so many men’s sexual bucket lists. Why not team up with two beautiful girls and tick it off yours in 2015?

Sure, save more money and spend more time at the gym in 2015. But also make sure you set some resolutions that are all about you and pleasure. Whether you want more sex or more exciting sex, you know these are the sort of resolutions that you won’t have any trouble following through with!

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