brunette escort in sexy costumeHalloween is all about scary costumes, sweet candy, and the trick or treat. Make sure your holiday is more treat than trick with these terrifyingly hot costumes. Dress up the special lady in your life, or get a little naughty with one of our stunning model escorts! Someone will be screaming by midnight.

1. Lioness

Will you be able to tame this pussycat? The lioness is the perfect mix of sexy and strange, giving you the thrill you’re after. Get her to show you her roar or hunt you like she would an antelope. She’s sure to eat something when she catches you! There’s also an accompanying lion tamer costume – indulge in some role reversal for that extra layer of fantasy. Once tamed, you can stroke each other until you purr.

2. Genie

It will be a dream come true when your lady is dolled up in this magical outfit. Rub her lamp just right and she might give you three wishes. The only rule? No wishing for more wishes, of course! This is one genie with the power to make you go crazy with pleasure.

3. Showgirl

This is a little less scary than some other costume ideas. It’s a classic turn-on though, so if you’ve always wanted to give this one a go, now is the time! Get her to show you her girl in the showgirl outfit. Those feathers won’t be the only things doing some tickling tonight.

4. Viking

Is the lady you’ll be spending this holiday evening with from scantynavia? Get in the Viking spirit with a sexy set of furs, perfect for keeping warm through those freezing winters. Just watch out – that body isn’t her only weapon. This is one woman who won’t take any nonsense.

5. Straitjacket

Let the crazy come out with this horrifically sexy outfit. Her arms are confined – for her own safety of course. You can take the doctor-patient relationship to the next level and prescribe her a unique cure. A steady dose of vitamin D should do the trick!

6. Vampire

Something’s getting sucked tonight! This sexy vamp has more in mind than feasting on your blood. She may look threatening at first, but try to stake her in just the right way; you might just bring her back to life. Spice it up with some garlic in the room! Use it to trap her in a corner or confine her to a particular space. There’s no running from this expert vampire slayer.

Forget roaming the streets looking for sweets – throw one of these costumes into the mix and you can look forward to plenty of candy in the bedroom. Just make sure your front light is off – getting knocks on the door every few minutes might put a damper on your scary seductions.

Do you want a guaranteed stunner to try out one of these ideas with? Browse our gallery and find a lovely lady who sparks your imagination, then simply contact us to make a booking. Happy Halloween!

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