It’s the end of the evening, and your date is almost walking on air with delight after the special night you’ve spent together. Escorts can often have just as much fun as their clients on dates. Here are six tips on how you can really impress your stunning escort on your first evening together. Keep these in mind and you might be the best experience your escort has ever had!

Show your Excitement

Let your girl know how much you’re enjoying your time together. Give her a compliment when you first meet to let her know that you’re thrilled to see her. Whether you’re enjoying conversation or something a little more intimate, let her know if she’s doing something that’s really special. Be clear about how much she’s made your evening and she’ll always remember you.

Make her Laugh

Laughter releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemicals. Your girl will naturally start feeling good if you can make her laugh. Have a funny story or a good joke up your sleeve that you can work seamlessly into the conversation. Appeal to her sense of humour and she’ll always think of you as a guy that can really make her feel good.

Dance with her

Don’t be so eager to get down to business. Put in some time to make a connection. Put on your favourite album with a beat, and ask your partner to show you her moves. Show her what you’ve got. Spend some time exploring the rhythm together. It’ll really loosen you both up and give her the impression that you’re a fun guy who loves life.

Bring Something

How much would a bottle of fine wine or a small bouquet of flowers brighten your girl’s evening? Your date won’t expect a gift, which makes it all the more special. Show her that you’re the kind of guy who likes to go above and beyond what’s expected.

Treat her like an Individual

Escorts love clients who recognise them as individuals. Every escort has a distinct personality, tastes and preferences. Get to know the girl you’re spending time with. Genuine interest in her personality and tastes will go a long way. It’s also very important to treat your date like a woman. You’re paying for the experience, but don’t let that change the dynamic that should exist in a healthy relationship. Recognise that the very best escorts are there to provide meaningful relationships – not just services or commodities.

sydney escort model in short silky dress dancing and smilingStay Classy

Some clients get overexcited when they’re with a beautiful woman. Crude language and aggressive sexuality is often a turnoff for most women – even escorts! There’s nothing wrong with flirtatious comments or dirty talking, but don’t cross the line into crassness. While it is likely that your evening will involve physical intimacy, respect your date’s body and boundaries. Be a gentleman. Let the physical aspects of the relationship evolve over the course of the night.

A good impression is all about putting your best foot forward and making the effort to let your date know just how special she is. A little effort on your end to make the evening special will only improve the experience for both of you.

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