While signs of a man being turned on are often quite… visible… the female body is known for being a bit more subtle. If you are spending an amazing night with one of our stunning model escorts, or any person really, it can be handy to know what to look for so you can respond appropriately. Here are a few key signs she might use to tell you she is warming up to the occasion.

Body Language

Body language is a powerful tool for men and women alike, whether it is deliberate and planned or employed unconsciously. Signs of interest can include open language – her body is angled toward you or she is relaxed and looking at you. If things start getting a little more intense, she may take it a step further and start touching you. Often, touch starts with neutral zones such as the hand, elbow and shoulder and will move to more intimate areas such as the inner thigh, face and neck if you indicate a willingness to continue. She may even bite or lick her lips; you can generally take this as a pretty serious sign that she wants something a little more stimulating than good conversation!

Physiological Signs

Sometimes it can help to look for signs her body is reacting positively to you. The most obvious is also one of the most difficult to assess without potentially crossing a lot of boundaries. There are a few tells that you can determine without putting your hand where it might not be welcome though. Take a look at her eyes and breathing patterns. Are her pupils dilated? Is her breathing getting faster or heavier? These can be an indication of arousal, but don’t treat them as a sure thing; they could also be a reaction to a number of other emotions. Try and put it in context to figure out if she is turned on, interested in what you’re saying, or just thinking really hard.

Her Wordsbrunette masturbating on bed

If you’ve scored a date with a forward or upfront woman, she may just tell you that she is aroused. It could be a shift in the conversation to something more sexual, or she may say something as blunt as “Did you want to move this to the bedroom?” If her voice lowers and goes husky while she speaks, even better! If it seems unexpected, or you still feel unsure, have a quick think back over your time together before that moment – you may have missed some signs, so she wants you to know in no uncertain terms.
Of course, it’s important to remember that every person is different and may display all of these signs, none of them, or any combination of them. Plus, there are many more ways a woman can show arousal, so being attentive to her body and her words is a good strategy going into dates and interactions. If you want to be attentive to one of our beautiful Sydney escorts, take a look at the gorgeous women to choose from in our gallery and contact us to set up a date with the babe of your choice!

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