There are a lot of myths floating around about this industry. These cover everything from what escorts will and won’t do through to what type of person ‘has’ to use professional escorts. Today, let’s go back to basics and set the record straight about escorts.

What Do They Do?

Escorts provide a companionship service, often accompanying clients to events and functions, or going out on dates. They generally spend time learning about their client and establishing a real connection. This service may develop into more physical acts, like sex, but this does not define the entirety of an escort/client relationship. These interactions tend to be both emotionally and physically satisfying.

Why Do People Become Escorts?

Escorts can be any gender, and just like any other profession, every individual has their own reasons for entering the industry. Some people like the idea of meeting new people, while others might simply enjoy providing companionship or sexual services. Everyone’s story is different though, so this is generally a question to steer clear of unless your escort brings it up.

Who Uses Escorts?

This is another area where every person is different. Generally speaking though, people who use escorts may be too time poor to date, may crave simplicity or the attention of a beautiful woman, or might just want to explore long-held fantasies. There is no one stereotype that people who use escorts fall into – in fact, not all of them are even male.

How Are They Different to Other Sex Workers?

There are a few things that differentiate escorts from prostitutes or other sex workers. Due to the deeper nature of the relationships between escorts and their clients, escorts tend to see fewer clients each week than other workers might. They also have the ability to be more selective about what they offer and who it is offered to. For a more detailed look at what sets escorts apart, check out this blog post.

How Does the Process of Booking an Escort Work?

The overall process is really quite simple, but it will vary depending on the agency you go through (or how the escort runs their business). To make initial contact, you will need to call or email the agency or escort, who will then communicate with you (discreetly) to negotiate the details: time, place and cost. Escorting is definitely one industry where you get what you pay for, so don’t be surprised by the price. The agency or escort will also screen you, so if you have any relevant traits (non-payer, time-waster, or simply not a safe person to be sending escorts to), expect to be declined.

How Can You Identify a Quality Agency?sydney escort modelling photoshoot

A quality agency will stand out because they will have systems like those mentioned above set up and implemented well. They will have current pictures and descriptions of all their escorts, as well as clear costs and service outlines. If you go through a reputable agency, you are much more likely to be satisfied with your overall experience – and not feel ripped off!

At the end of the day, escorting is a profession that is just as valid as any office job, so think of your companion in a respectful way and do your research before being taken in by stories. If you’re feeling ready to discover what an escort is first hand, check out our gallery of stunning model escorts and call us on 02 9922 2899 today!

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