Arriving in a new city and looking to have some company?

Well in my line of work this is a regular occurrence.

Last year I spent over one hundred nights away from my home in Seattle, USA.  All of these nights were due to business trips.  All of these nights were lonely.

Well… might have been lonely.

I am a single man in my 30’s running a couple of online businesses. I have found it very difficult to keep a girlfriend for any length of time because of the travelling issue. So a couple of years ago I gave up and now keep myself from loneliness by using escort services.  I’m lucky that I am wealthy enough to do so. That said I worked out last year that I spent $55,000 on escorts, but figured any girlfriend would have cost me at least that amount  ….and the rest.

When I started using escorts I found it very difficult to work out from so many websites which girls were going to be good and which perhaps not so good.

So I came up with this 6 Step Guide to booking an escort. I hope it’s helpful for you

STEP 1. The Google Search

Let’s face it, the internet is the easiest way. It has to be google, yahoo or bing. Start with the search name of the city plus escorts e.g Sydney Escorts.  Take a look at the first page. You are left with four types of listings:

  •        Generic directory results  (e.g. Yellow Pages, true local or Yelp)
  •        Individual escort site  (Private workers)
  •        Escort agency site
  •        Escort directory site

Ignore the individual sites. I have found these to be extremely unreliable, difficult to contact, unclear about the deal and generally less likely to give good service. That’s my experience and it is certainly not true for all instances but is a good rule of thumb.

Escort Directory sites are OK and generic directorys are safe as they are usually big agencies that can afford to advertise here. But ultimately I always check out the individual agency sites.

Agencies are my preferred method. The extra filter and security that an agency brings to the experience in most cases is well worth the extra money you might pay.

STEP 2. The website quality

Check the site for quality and appearance, quality sites usually mean quality service and better girls. Is the design contemporary? If it looks dated it means quality girls would think the same and would be unlikely to sign up with this agency, probably only a few old faithfuls left there. To me it’s important a female answers the phone sounding bright and alert, I dont want to think I have just dragged someone out of bed to make a booking, this means they are not busy and not busy means not good! Just like a restaurant, if it’s empty I dont go in, I go for the busy place as the food has to be better quality. Some things to check on the site:

  • Does the site have a blog with recent posts
  • Is there a favicon?
  • Is it easy to make a booking without having to give your life story

 STEP 3. Choosing from the gallery

It is my experience that the higher end escorts are more reluctant to use there own images, which in turn usually means they value the privacy of their clients just as much . Also a lot of the top end girls are well educated, often professionals by day, or they are planning professional careers post-escorting. They will not compromise themselves by showing their faces.  An investigative journalist friend of mine did a piece on this. He researched two top UK agencies by stalking a politician he suspected of using escort’s, he had a print off of the images of girls from the top three escort sites. Lets say it didn’t work out well for the politician.

The point here is I’d be able to decipher which agencies are showing you something comparable to what you will get, but ultimately I go for the agency that uses real images of the girls, this way I’m safe.

Here are a few clues: 

  •  If there is a water mark on the image other than that of the agency then they are not real photos of the   girl you will see. It also shows a laziness on the part of the agency, ipso facto, the whole experience is likely to be inferior.
  •  If it’s an agency watermark then the images are possibly genuine as the agency would be in breach of copyright if they didn’t own the image, but then there are alot of places that do this in my experience.
  •  If the photos look like they came from Vogue, Penthouse or a mens magazine then they probably did.

STEP 4. The conversation

Look out for these:

  •       Does the escort agency you call answer the phone first time?
  •       Do they sound genuine and bright?
  •      Are they open and not embarrassed to discuss price and service?
  •      Check price includes the travel expense or will the escort ask you for this as an extra on arrival?
  •      If  it’s an extra ask how much, I have been duped with this tactic.
  •      Are they happy to work to your schedule?

STEP 5. Clarifying the deal

Clarify by phone, confirm by email. If I am thinking of a longer booking or overnight booking I will always see the escort for one hour first before I make up my mind, not many upmarket places let you try before you buy.  You may get the privelege of a meet and greet type of arrangement, dont expect this though as this kind of privilege needs to be earned over the years and alot of upmarket escorts will not do this. Always agree on how the payment will be made. Don’t pay until you see the girl, unless it is a deposit on a longer booking or you are flying the escort to meet with you. Do pay upfront before your time begins, this will be expected and indeed demanded. This is not to be questioned if you intend to go ahead with the booking. Be prepared for this and remember that cash is the preferred method of payment, probably for both of you!

STEP 6. What to do in an emergency

What do you do if the escort turns up and she is not what you were expecting? Firstly, be polite. Tell her that you think there may have been a misunderstanding and call the agency to try and see if there is an alternative. If at this point you decide to cancel then I generally don’t pay the full fee but do pay something, just to cover the cost for the time and travel of the girl that arrived and also to keep in good stead with the agency… 20-30% is usually fair. 

If you follow the first 4 steps above, this should never really become an issue.

Last but not least, when you find a good agency stick with them!

Written by a satisfied client (anon)


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