tall blonde in red lingerieGet ready to brush up on your sex lingo. We can teach you the name of every sex position you’ve ever fantasised about, so the next time you’re with one of our escorts, you can blow her mind with your amazing vocabulary and versatile repertoire.

The Butterfly

We’ve chosen a relatively easy one to get you started. The Butterfly doesn’t require too much physical exertion and is particularly popular with the ladies, as it allows for deep cervical stimulation. The female lies on her back with her hips right on the edge of the bed, while the male penetrates her from a standing position. To take the Butterfly to the next level, the female can rest her legs on the shoulders of the male and raise her hips a couple of inches.

The Italian Chandelier

A variant of the much-loved Reverse Cowgirl, this position is just as sensual as it sounds. The person on top straddles their partner, facing away from them. The trick with making the Italian Chandelier super sexy is to have the person on top lean back while arching their spine and placing their hands on the ground. This not only looks amazing, the angle is great for achieving extra deep penetration.

The Viennese Oyster

Calling all yoga enthusiasts! The Viennese Oyster requires some serious flexibility. The female leans back with her feet up behind her head, while the male lies on top of her, gripping onto her ankles. Don’t quite have the flexibility to pull this off? We’d hate for you to strain a muscle so unless you’re really confident in your own abilities, we wouldn’t recommend trying forcing yourself (or your partner) into this position. For an easier variation, the female can fold her legs across her stomach.

The Crab Walk

We hope you haven’t been skipping leg day! The Crab Walk takes stamina, but trust us, the effort will be worth it. The male lies with the upper half of his torso on a bed, keeping his knees bent at a right angle so that he can support his weight with his feet. His back should be perfectly straight and parallel to the floor. The female straddles him, also using her feet to support her weight. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, The Bridge is a slightly harder version of this position. Instead of keeping his feet on the floor, the male can rest them on a chair or bedside table, so that his body is straight and suspended above the ground.
Now that you know the names of these positions, all that’s left to do is try them out. To arrange a date with a Models escort, fill in the booking form on our contact page, or call us directly on 02 9922 2899. And for even more sex position inspo, check out blog post on creative sex positions.

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