stunning tall brunette in green bikiniWhat you enjoy in the bedroom says as much about you as the clothes you wear. Unfortunately social stigma, reinforced by Hollywood movie stereotypes and scenarios, places heavy expectations on what is deemed to be the right way to behave in the bedroom. As a result, there are numerous people that suppress their true desires out of fear of what others might think about their sexual proclivities.
How do these stigmas come about? They are based upon common lies that have developed in our culture about sex, causing many to never act on their healthy desires and to be steeped in complete and utter shame. Read on to discover some of the most prevalent myths around.

That your First time will be Magical….and Generally it is Anything but

The first time you have sex is widely publicised to be an uplifting experience, shared with someone you love that will be remembered fondly for the rest of your life. It is also commonly described as an awakening of your sexuality, stimulating erogenous zones that have never been touched in such a way before.
The reality, however, is often a far different experience. Whether your mother or father busts you in the midst of reaching second base, you get so excited you lose your load before penetration, or a quickie in the car ends in the neighbourhood being alerted of your sexual prowess by your girlfriend’s posterior awkwardly jammed against the horn, the romanticised perception of what your first time should be is often nothing more than hype.

When you are in a Relationship you shouldn’t feel the Urge to have Sex with Anyone else

Animal attraction is healthy and something that both males and females experience throughout their life. Even when you are in a relationship and deeply in love, you will still feel the urge to have sex with other people. This doesn’t make you a horrible person and it doesn’t mean you are cheating on your partner – it’s just human nature.

Sex should always be Passionate when you are in Love with Someone

In a perfect world, sex with someone you love should be passionate for the entire life of your relationship. Unfortunately, this is often a fallacy, as desires wane with stress, boredom in the bedroom, or constant interruptions from the patter of tiny feet. Keeping the spark alive in a relationship requires work, patience and understanding from both partners – desire doesn’t have to wane completely, it can be experienced in peaks and troughs. That is life!

Sex should be the same as what you see in Pornographic Movies

While pornographic movies highlight sexy tradesmen ending up in compromising positions with extremely well proportioned women with barely a word spoken, the dating game is often much more difficult and fraught with hurdles. In our culture, women are often constrained by the social stigma that they should go on at least three dates before having sex, making getting lucky much harder!

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