hot blonde holding folderEscorting is a mysterious realm that only gets discussed when making news headlines, which are more often than not likely to be negative. From being swept under the matt, shushed or whispered about, to narrow-mindedly represented from a singular standpoint, the current misinformation is why so many escorts face hardships on a daily basis despite more unscrupulous practices being celebrated. With every industry there is going to be a glamorous, and not-so-glamorous side, and this blog is by no means shadowing the very real and dark side of sex work. However, neglecting to start a conversation is partly why this activity is driven underground. The first step is to correct these misconceptions.

Escorting is Just a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Think girls just spend one day meeting clients and they are set for the week? Wrong. Much like any business, anything that is done properly requires a lot of hard work. Between striving to achieve satisfaction for every client, escorts are required to manage their own business accounts, market themselves, follow up potential clients, study sexual techniques, and put the hours in to maintain their appearance. If an escort wants to be successful in this field, she will work much longer than your typical 40 hours.

All Escorts Have Been Abused or Suffer from Emotional Damage

This myth stems from an age-old assumption about woman: namely, that women are emotional and delicate creatures that can only enjoy intercourse in the context of committed love. The idea that women can freely explore their sexuality is absurd. Men, on the other hand, are expected to be sexual and have been conditioned to a point where it’s strange not to be sexual. Our culture is so threatened by women who are open to exploring their inner sexual prowess, that we immediately assume any such woman has a plethora of emotional issues and/or has suffered abuse, and we must pity or disempower her. In reality, it actually takes a lot of confidence to negotiate and perform sexual acts in front of a stranger; many female sex workers are successful, stable human beings who truly love what they do. Unfortunately, many people throughout history have been abused; however, this does not guarantee a lifetime of poor choices and mental issues. Humans are amazingly complex beings, and have the ability to overcome traumatic experiences to go on to live their lives to their own satisfaction – which may or may not include the choice to go into sex work.

Escorts Have Sexually Transmitted Infections

Much of society sees sex workers as a breeding ground for disease, and believe that they are the reason why sexually transmitted infections (STI) become rampant. It’s laughable really. In an industry where the body is mostly viewed as a commodity, it would be unwise to treat it like a garbage tip. While STIs tend to be more common in lesser developed areas, this could be associated with lack of education, unattainable methods of sourcing contraception and scarcity of funding. In countries like Australia, reputable agencies will enforce a strict contraception policy, and ensure that their workers are fit, healthy, and safe at all times.

Only the Desperate Hire Escorts

With its immoral reputation, paying for sex or company is perceived as a last option for only the lowest forms of humans or those playing a desperate mans’ game. In truth, escorts are the companions of choice for many men and women whose reasons fall under a wide spectrum – from pure company to sexual exploration and more, motivations for hiring an escort are valid and varied. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Despite popular opinion, working as an escort isn’t as shameful or sinister as it has been painted to be. But until the wheel stops turning and people begin a conversation, those beliefs aren’t going to change any time soon.

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