sexy brunette in lingerie outddorsWhen temperatures soar in summertime, it’s tempting to retreat to the icy hibernation of your air-conditioned home. But hot weather should never prevent you from going out on dates – especially if your date is one of our stunning model escorts! Here are some pleasantly cool and irresistibly fun summer date ideas that won’t leave you sweating (save that for the after-date activities!).

Beach Picnic

What’s not to love about a picnic on the beach? Refreshments and the ocean keep you cool while the sun and your date’s bikini body get you hot. With a large-but-still-cosy rug to sit on, some yummy premade food to eat, and plenty of lotion to rub on each other, you’re all set for a very satisfying date indeed!

For a romantic evening, plan a twilight beach picnic instead. These settings are beautiful once the sun goes down and often pleasantly cool thanks to the ocean breeze. The night sky and soothing sounds of the waves make this the perfect scene for building intimacy and getting to know your date.

Scenic Drive

Combine the comfort of air-con with the feeling of exploring the outdoors by taking your date on a scenic drive. There are plenty of options for this idea; your Sydney escort might even have a journey suggestion of her own. Needless to say, you might want to put some effort into choosing the perfect mood-setting music playlist for your journey – but never have the sound too loud to prevent an engaging conversation with your date!

Resort Daycation

Spending your whole summer at a relaxing resort would be a dream come true, but that’s just not realistic. Taking a cheeky day off with a special someone, on the other hand, is definitely doable. Whether you’re cooling off in the pool, drinking cocktails at the bar or just enjoying each other’s company in your stylish suite, you and your date are sure to have a memorable time together at a local resort.

Games Night: Adults Only

If staying home does strike you as the ideal way to keep cool on a summer date, this doesn’t mean things have to be boring. Invite your date to take you on in one of your favourite board or card games. Needless to say, with just the two of you, adding rules about clothes removal and sexual gameplay is definitely on the table – even if your hands aren’t!

City Strolling

A blissful walk through any of Sydney’s hotspot suburbs can be a great date. Whether you’re passing by fancy boutiques, historic buildings, contemporary shopping centres or fine dining options, you and your companion are sure to have a lovely time. A stroll in the city also provides you with countless indoor options anytime you need a quick break from the summer heat.

Instead of shacking up inside and racking up your electricity bill, get out and about with a certain special someone this summer. If your date of choice is a beautiful model escort, simply get in touch with us to make a booking today.

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