world globe with female legs around itHave you always thought your stud-like moves were so outta’ control that they should be made illegal? Chances are, somewhere in the world, they are! From keeping a draw full of dildos to making love standing up in a walk-in meat freezer, you might find yourself in an orange jumpsuit for what you thought was a bit of kinky fun. While laws are set to protect us, you’ve really got to wonder how many times these scenarios have played out in order to make them illegal. Check out whether you are in the wrong by reading the crazy international sex laws below.

No Love for Vibrators in Arizona

According to Arizonian law, keeping more than two vibrators in your home is illegal. If you’re from this state, it looks like you’re going to have to choose between your bullet, g-spot, rabbit, and vibe ring, because if you are found with more than two in your home, it’s likely that you will be subject to criminal prosecution.

Love on Top in Massachusetts

Living in Massachusetts and wanting to spice up your sex routine? Think again. There is a law prohibiting women from being on top during sex. This isn’t the only crazy sex law they have though; you are also forbidden from recklessly consummating your relationship with a rodeo clown while the horses are still hanging around.

In Hong Kong: You Cheat, You Die

Cheating is highly frowned upon in many countries around the world, but none more so than Hong Kong. If a husband is found cheating in Hong Kong, his wife is allowed to kill him. However, the deed must be done with her bare hands.

London Hates Kimye

Have you ever felt compelled to recreate Kanye West’s egocentric Bound 2 video? You know, the one where Kanye and his lady love Kim Kardashian simulate sex on a motorbike. Unfortunately, Londoners get the short end of the stick in this scenario. If you are caught having sex on a parked motorbike in London, you can expect to receive a fine equivalent of $250.

Love is Blind in Hungary

Hungarians who reside in the country capital, Budapest, may need to invest in some sturdy night vision glasses since sex is only allowed in the dark. This outrageous law doesn’t just target adulterers or anyone who is unwed, it applies to every sexual couple – even in their own home.

PDA crackdown in Dubai

Witnessing a couple perform over-the-top displays of affection is awkward at most, and while most people generally look the other way, Dubai takes it one step further. If you and your partner participate in any kind of PDA, even something as uncontroversial as a peck on the cheek, you and your partner could face up to ten days in the clink. If you’re caught boozing during the act, you can essentially kiss goodbye to a year of your life.
Whether or not many of these laws are actually enforced, you might now think twice before engaging in what you considered harmless hanky panky!

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