slender brunette pouting and sucking her fingerMost people would be horrified at the thought of getting cheated on. From couples that have only just started dating, to people in decade-long marriages, forgoing monogamy is usually a deal-breaker when it comes to relationships.
But what if monogamy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Think about it – in Australia, 1 in 3 marriages ends in divorce, and nearly everyone cheats on their significant other at least once in his or her lifetime. So if infidelity is pretty much inevitable, why not make the most of it? Some people have already figured that having an unfaithful partner doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, for a growing number of men and women, it can even be a turn on.

What is Cuckolding?

Never heard of cuckolding before? Well, according to Wikipedia, the name for this fetish originated with the cuckoo bird, which has a habit of laying its eggs in another bird’s nest. It’s kind of a metaphor, but essentially, cuckolding is when a person finds sexual gratification in the idea of their boyfriend or girlfriend having sex with someone else.
Instead of flying into a jealous range and promptly dumping them, as most people would do, a cuckold will actively encourage their partner to be unfaithful. Often the biggest turn on for a cuckold is hearing all the dirty details about what their partner got up to behind their back. It’s thought that cuckolding is a form of masochism, which links sexual pleasure with humiliation. It might sound weird, but many couples credit cuckolding with saving their relationship.

Both Men and Women Are Into It

No, cuckolding isn’t just some convoluted excuse that guys have come up with so they can cheat on their partners. This fetish is pretty gender neutral, with women being just as likely to enjoy it as men. If anything, the cuckolding fetish seems to have originated with wives stepping out on their husbands, although it’s not uncommon for both parties to be into the idea. Just so you’re up with all latest lingo, a woman who takes pleasure in cuckolding her boyfriend or husband if known as a ‘hotwife.’

Lay Down Some Ground Rules

Cheating on your partner without telling them and just kind of hoping they’d be fine with it does not count as cuckolding. Transparency and consent are vital to maintaining a healthy cuckolding relationship. If you think you’d be up for it, try to come up with a set of guidelines for you and your partner to follow. For example, can whoever is doing the cuckolding cheat with someone you both know? Or does it have to be a stranger? Be sure to figure these things out before embarking on something like this.
If you’re looking for some to “cheat” on your partner with in order to bring your fantasies to life, consider using the services of an escort. Cuckolding isn’t exactly mainstream yet, so it’s not like you can go around asking just anyone to get involved! No one knows the importance of discretion more than an escort, making them the perfect option. To book some time with one of our stunning Sydney escorts, get in touch today on 02 9922 2899.

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