asian model escortAdding layers of intimacy to your relationship with your escort can add extra levels of satisfaction to every aspect of your interaction. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not, and developing intimacy doesn’t have to be scary or take years – you can start any time, and reap immediate benefits. Keep reading to discover a few ways to begin your journey to a more fulfilling relationship!

Open Your Mouth

And by open your mouth, we mean talk. Conversing is the foundation of intimacy – learning about each other gives you the opportunity to develop a connection beyond physical encounters. Ask your escort questions, explore their answers, and answer her questions. Just keep in mind that there may be information your escort can’t or won’t share with you, so maybe start by letting them know that you understand this by reminding them they don’t have to feel pressured to answer anything they don’t want to. You can also avoid any awkwardness by asking more general questions about what they like, dislike or where they have travelled in the world – every answer will provide you with valuable insight.

Remove Your Barriers

Intimacy and vulnerability go hand-in-hand to a degree. Be prepared to open up and share things about yourself that you may not disclose to just anyone – by dropping your guard, you can create a more trusting relationship. By letting her understand you more, you may be setting yourself up for some mind-blowing experiences as well. If she knows what makes you tick, she can do and say just the right things and avoid others that may have the opposite effect.

Put in the Time

Sure, you can begin today and start seeing benefits straight away, but true intimacy is not a result to be achieved, but rather a process. If you’ve found an escort who provides nothing but wonderful dates, why not book in for regular meetings? Over time, you will each get to know each better, leading to a more satisfying overall experience. Relationships of any kind are like any other aspect of life – you only get out what you put in.

Share an Experience

Do either of you have a fear of heights? Overcome that fear by climbing a mountain together, hopping on a Ferris wheel or observing the world from a high point. Hate snakes? Explore the local reptile centre. Not only will you have seen each other at a vulnerable time, but you will have something to talk about later and it will make for a memorable date.
Intimacy comes in many forms, and if you want to enjoy your encounters on a deeper level, it is well worth putting in the time and effort to connect with your escort. Our Sydney escorts are ready to accompany you on exciting dates or cosy nights in, so however you choose to spend your time getting to know them, you will have an enthusiastic companion. Contact us or take a look at our gallery for more information on our escorts and services.

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