blonde in red lacey lingerie laying on floorThere’s a multitude of ways to make a woman orgasm: with your tongue, your fingers, during intercourse or even with sex toys. But what’s the one thing all these deeds have in common?

They either rub or tease the clitoris, or stimulate the G-spot. The difference between clitoral and G-spot orgasms lies in the motion and method you use to work each hot spot, as well as the time it takes for your lover to climax. Here we’ll look at how you can achieve either with your partner (or one our lovely escorts).

Clitoral Orgasms

First things first: the clitoris isn’t just an external erogenous zone. It’s much larger than you might think, but for the purpose of this article we’ll only talk about the small nub you can see on the surface.

The majority of women are able to achieve orgasm when their clitoris is stimulated. Some can even achieve multiple orgasms. Using your tongue, fingers or a sex toy on the clit is often the easier path to female orgasm.

Where to find the clit: Located just above the inner labia and under its own little hood, the clitoris is a small nub that’s full of nerve endings. In fact, this orgasm-inducing zone has as many sensitive nerve endings as the head of a penis, but packed into a much smaller area so the sensations are often more intense.

Stimulate it by: Using just the tip of your finger(s), make a gentle circular motion with light pressure. Each woman has her own style though. Some prefer one finger, while others enjoy multiple fingers and greater pressure. If in doubt, watch how your partner touches herself and then mimic her actions.

Key tip: Use lubricant, or wet your fingers with a little saliva beforehand. Stimulating the clitoris dry can cause uncomfortable friction.

Sex toys for the clit: Small bullet vibrators are great for clitoral stimulation. Or why not try a vibrating cock ring for extra stimulation during penetrative sex?

 G-spot orgasms

G-spot, or vaginal, orgasms can be difficult to achieve. There’s good reason why so many debates and scientific studies have been done on the existence of the G-spot. It’s just so elusive at times! However, we’re firm believers that it does exist. For those women that can experience G-spot orgasm, it’s one of the most mind-blowing bedroom sensations and can lead to multiple climaxes.

Where to find the G-spot: It’s located on the front wall of the vagina. Find it with your fingers, or using a G-spot sex toy. Simply insert one or two fingers up to about the second knuckle (use lube if your partner isn’t already wet). The pads of your fingers should be facing up, towards her belly.

Then, make a slow and gentle come-hither motion curling your fingers upwards. You should feel a slightly rougher, spongy area. This is her G-spot.

Stimulate it by: Gently curling your fingers up and down and making small back and forth movements. Slow and deliberate motions are best when aiming for G-spot orgasm.

Key tip: Women enjoy having their G-spot stimulated in different ways, so communicate with your lover. Ask her how it feels, and if she wants you to go harder or be a bit gentler. Remember, you’re in a delicate area near the bladder, so you don’t want to make her uncomfortable.

Sex toys for the G-spot: G-spot vibrators are easily identifiable, because they have a short, curved shaft and bulbous tip. Brands with great G-spot vibes include We-Vibe, Rocks Off and the Lelo Gigi.

Knowing how to make a woman come through clitoral or G-spot stimulation can take time. Explore these hot spots with your partner, or take some extra time with one of our experienced ladies by making a booking with Models Escort Agency, today.

















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