Meeting a new person can be awkward at the best of times, but your first interaction with an escort (especially if they’re a stunner like any of our model escorts!) can exaggerate this feeling. While they are professionals in every aspect, coming in armed with a list of interesting topics to talk about will help you feel prepared and give you extra confidence.
We’ve compiled our six picks for ice breakers that will spark conversation and help you get to know your date, without crossing any important boundaries.

What’s your favourite season?stunning marilyn munroe look a like

Whether you both love the same season, or if you have differences of opinion, this question can lead into talks about clothes, seasonal activities and holidays. Don’t agree with your date just for the sake of it – if you genuinely love a different season, a playful argument might be on the cards!

If you could get on a plane right now, where would you go and why?

Take the opportunity to talk about tropical paradises, beautiful beaches and sentimental spots. Talk about where you have each been, where you would love to go, what you would do there and…the possibilities are endless!

If you had to choose between being a scientist, an artist or a sportsperson, what would you be and why?

Get a feel for each other’s personality, interests and talents here without getting as personal as directly asking about hidden desires or specific hobbies. Do you share a common love for discovery, beauty or physical skill? This a conversation you can take deeper if you get the green light – who does she admire, and what are some of her values?

hot sexy blonde escortWhat’s your favourite mode of transport?

Does she love soaring above the clouds, feeling small as she looks out at the world? Or is a lonely train ride across the country bring to her a sense of peace? Is a road trip with good tunes and good company her idea of heaven? While it’s nice to discover where someone would go, sometimes finding out how they would get there tells you much more about their soul.

If you could invent any piece of technology, what would you create and why?

A machine to fold washing? A telescope that could see further than any other in existence? From the mundane to the more unusual, her answer could spark a fun conversation about anything from everyday life right through to hidden desires and curiosities.

If you could be any animal, which animal would you be?

Forget the old ‘cats versus dogs’ debate. This question forces you to consider the traits commonly associated with different creatures and choose an animal that aligns with your own personality. Are you loyal like a dog? Are you fun-loving and curious like a dolphin? Like all the other queries listed above, you’re bound to learn a few interesting things about each other!
Having a plan to get to know your escort in a way that is unique and non-invasive can help you get to know each other and beat any awkward feelings before they get established. To set up your next date with one of our wonderful Sydney escorts, contact us and we’ll do the rest.

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