An evening with as escort can be an exotic and exciting escape into the realm of sexual fantasy. All of our Sydney escorts pride themselves on delivering exceptional experiences; they have a true dedication to fulfilling your desires. To get the most out of your time together, however, there are a couple of behaviours that you should avoid.
Generally speaking, if you’re unsure if an action or request would be appropriate, you should consider whether or not it would be deemed acceptable in any dating or business scenario. Would you grope someone on the first date without asking them for permission first? Would you suggest to your doctor that you’re paying them more than their services are worth? No and no.
Below you’ll find a few of the crucial no-no client behaviours that make our escorts cringe, annoyed or downright angry. If there’s still something you aren’t sure about, feel free to contact us to discuss it.

Asking for a Date

When your hairdresser cuts your hair just right, do you ask her out for a drink? When your plumber gets your shower running perfectly, do you invite him to dinner? No, of course not. Similarly, if you’ve had a particularly fantastic time with your escort, it’s because she’s great at her job, not because she’s hinting that you should have a relationship outside of her work. Escorts aren’t looking for anything extra and they don’t use their work as a tool for finding potential suitors. In fact, just like in any profession, escorts’ relationship statuses include happily single, happily married, and everything in between.


All prices are set by your escort and the agency and these are not negotiable. Haggling is not only rude and insulting, but it also creates a poor representation of your character to the escort – something that will likely detract from the passion and pleasure of your time together. Would you try to barter with your dentist or your electrician? In terms of paying the set price, a session with an escort is no different. You’ll always know what price to expect in advance, so there’s no excuse for trying to negotiate.

female courtesan sitting on black stool in lingerieNot Acting like a Gentleman

Apart from dirty talk, there is no space in an escort-client relationship for abusive behaviour or language. At the end of the day, you should show your escort the same level of respect and decency you would show to co-workers, friends and family. Being a true gentleman also means following standard grooming practices (showering before a date is essential) and following the rules! Don’t disrespect your escort by asking for unsafe services or those not on the menu.
A lot of the things you shouldn’t do as an escort client comes down to common sense. But, as we all know, some circumstances – like a night of drinking, a hometown final match, or a passionate night of sex – can cloud our judgement. Hopefully, reading this prior to your time with an escort will help you to avoid these unacceptable behaviours. A respected and comfortable escort will inevitably show you a better time anyway, so you really have nothing to lose by doing the right thing.

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