Maybe because they’re so skilled at something so intimate and personal, many people feel like they can ask their escort anything. While our stunning Sydney escorts love flirtatious conversation, there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. Sometimes it’s about privacy and sometimes it’s about being polite. Take a read of some of the things escorts are tired of hearing.

Tell me about your Other Clients

Escorts aren’t like priests or psychiatrists – there’s no code of ethics that binds them to silence and confidentiality. However, a good escort will keep just as quiet about her clients. Don’t press your date for details on the other guys she’s seeing, even if you’re only making light conversation. She doesn’t want to spill any of their private details, just in the same way she doesn’t want to share your private thoughts and actions with anyone else.

Is that your Real Name?

We feel it’s understandable that some girls like to use a false name in their escort work. It gives them a little extra security, even if it’s only psychological. Don’t ask your girl whether she’s using her real name. Just accept the name’s she’s given you and enjoy your time together.

Are the Guys Jerks?

This sort of question comes from people who are really uninformed about escorts and the sex industry. It’s the sort of thing that an escort will hear any time when she shares her profession at a party or with a new group of friends. Any escort will tell you men from all sort of backgrounds, careers, religions and ideologies visit and enjoy their time with an escort. It’s naïve and immature to assume that men who use the services of an escort don’t get along with the opposite sex.

You don’t look like a Prostitute!

Of course your escort doesn’t look like a prostitute! She’s an escort, not a prostitute and there’s a big difference (that we won’t go into here). You’ve probably been watching too many movies if you expected your escort to turn up in a tiny red dress with a leopard print fur coat and poor make-up. Escorts are some of the most stunning, attractive women you’ll ever meet. Looking completely desirable is a big part of their job, after all!

Does your Family know?

This is another one of those questions that should be avoided, no matter what the circumstances. In the end, whether or not she’s told her parents and siblings about her job doesn’t affect how skilled she is at making you feel great, so it’s not worth asking.

How much do you Earn?

An escort’s income is her private business. You wouldn’t ask your taxi driver, doctor or barista how much they earn. Extend the same courtesy to your escort.

sexy blonde escort with big breastsSee you Again Soon?

These are the words your escort does want to hear! She’ll be thrilled to know she’s made you feel so good that you’re entertaining the idea of coming back for another date.

Despite being drop dead gorgeous and completely charming, our model escorts are just like everyone else. They love conversation, especially when it’s of a teasing, tantalising nature. Apply a similar sort of courtesy you’d offer to any other professional and you’ll have a great time.

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