sexy tanned escort in pink lingerieThe difference between escorts and prostitutes is quite similar to the difference between physiotherapists and chiropractors. They might appear very similar on the surface, but the motivation, methods and results differs greatly. To help you clarify, this article will explain some of the major differences between escorts and prostitutes and what that means for potential clients.

More Than Sex

The services offered by prostitutes are purely sexual, whereas there’s a more diverse suite on offer with an escort. An escort’s primary service is companionship. Escorts accompany their clients to events, dinners or holidays. They spend time getting to know their client, and the engagement can last for hours or days. While the companionship can often lead to sexual acts, the relationship is not wholly defined by sex and is much more fulfilling overall.

Escorts Can Be Selective

Just because you offer to pay an escort for her time doesn’t mean that she’ll accept you as a client. As a general rule, escorts are more selective than prostitutes about who they accept as clients and the types of services they offer. What does this mean for you? You’ll be enjoying the company of an escort who is genuinely passionate about her services and in all likeliness, is good at what she does! After all, there’s nothing worse than being with a partner who is faking emotional and/or physical responses.

Client Base

An escort’s desire to build a relationship with her clients is reflected in the number of client appointments available each week. A study of Queensland-based escorts from 2003 found that the average escort saw around 24 clients in a busy week. Comparatively, the average prostitute saw around 35 clients in the same period. Escorts spend more time with their clients – they don’t rush the experience, which means fewer appointments are available in the week. As the old adage goes, quality over quantity…

More Money Spent on Themselves

Escorts are often paid a lot more than prostitutes. Consider what each of these girls do as a business. Given that the escort has a lot more revenue coming in, she also has more capital to reinvest in business development. For this reason, an escort will generally frequent better quality hotels and restaurants, wear classier clothes and jewellery, and have more money to invest in her appearance. This “reinvestment” results in a higher quality, more satisfying experience for the escort’s clients.

No Solicitation

An escort does not have to solicit for clients. You won’t find an escort out in a short dress, looking for clients on the streets, in casinos or in bars. An escort’s clientele generally comes straight to her, either through an escort agency or advertisements placed online or in adult publications.

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Have you had experience with both escorts and prostitutes? What are the major differences in services from the perspective of a client? Did you prefer one over the other? Share your experiences below.

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