Think of where you liked to be touched during sex. Did the obvious nipples, penis, lips and maybe anus come to mind? Now think about where your partner enjoys being stroked. For her it would probably be lips, nipples, clitoris and perhaps anus. While these are all sexy erogenous zones, limiting yourself to being touched (or touching) only in these areas, means you’re missing out on a world of pleasure.

Before we delve into the forgotten erogenous zones you should be paying more attention to, we need to clear up one thing: touching, licking, kissing or gently blowing on an erogenous zones doesn’t have to lead to orgasm. The best thing about your body’s hot spots is they can help heat things up. They’re the areas you should probe during foreplay to get you and your partner into a sexy (or even frenzied) state of mind, before the main event.

By connecting erotic touches and sexy thoughts with a certain area of your body, there’s no reason why every inch of your skin can’t be a potential erogenous zone. These are some of the forgotten erogenous zones you could explore with your Sydney escort or lover – or have her try on you – the next time you’re together.

Gentle eyelid kisses

 Plant gentle kisses on her eyelids and intimacy will be created by how close your faces are as you lay on top of her. In this position your neck will probably be level with her lips and nose. Enjoy the warm feeling of her breath and moans on your skin. Maybe spritz a small amount of cologne onto your chest. This way you’ll stimulate her sense of smell as well as the touch of your lips on her eyelids.

 Stroke inner elbows

 Areas of the body where the skin is thinner is likely to be more sensitive to touch. This makes the inner elbows a prime erogenous zone. With warm hands, use your fore and middle finger and make slow circles on her inner elbow. If she’s never been touched here before, do this while kissing a more obvious erogenous zone. She’ll soon start to make an association between that area of her body and pleasure. Before long you’ll only have to brush her inner elbow to help her feel aroused.

Kiss her lower abs and inner thighs

OK, so the lower abs (just above her pubic area) and inner thighs are two separate erogenous zones, but working them one after the other can have a powerful effect. Kissing and running your lips over these hot-spots will create a sense of anticipation in her. Both are close to her clitoris, which you should avoid making direct contact with straight away. Slowly kiss her lower stomach and trace your tongue around her inner thighs to help build her up for more.

Tease her feet

 The soles of the feet and the toes are packed with nerve endings so having them massaged, stroked, kissed or sucked (but only if she’s ok with that) can be a real turn-on. Note how we didn’t say tickle. That’s a kink in itself. Spend some time rubbing her feet to help her relax, then trace your fingers up her legs and beyond…

Ready to put the theory into practise? Explore these forgotten erogenous zones — or let one of our experienced ladies show you a few more — by making a booking with Models Escort Agency today.
















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