If you’re looking for a fascinating profession, the sex industry comes with more quirks than most. However, given its rather taboo image, this line of work is still a mystery to most people. For anyone that’s ever wondered what it’s really like to make a living as an escort, these fun facts about the sex industry will blow your mind.

Sex Workers Are Covered by Insurance

All employers in Australia are accountable for ensuring the safety of their staff, and just like any other profession, sex workers are protected by insurance policies in the workplace. In New South Wales, the NSW Workcover Authority and Department of Health are responsible for supporting the rights of sex workers in compensation claims.

The Family Business

In a report published in the Huffington Post, it was found that over 30% of sex workers got started in the business because they had a family member involved in either some form of escorting or pimping.

Location Legalities

Paying for sex has been legalised in much of Australia, but in some states and territories, it depends on where you do the deed. For example, people in New South Wales can pay for sex in the following locations:
• Sex services premises (in other words, a brothel)
• Private residences
• On the street, as long as it’s nowhere near a school, church, hospital or ‘dwelling,’ such as a residential home.

The Motivation

Many people assume that the most prolific buyers of sex are married guys who aren’t getting enough nookie at home. However, an American study found that the majority of men who pay for sex were motivated by two other reasons – they either had a strong desire to have sex immediately and employed the services of a sex worker to fulfil that need, or they wanted to indulge in a particular fetish that they didn’t feel comfortable sharing with a regular partner.

Most Sex Workers Are Educated

According to a survey published by the Australian Institute of Criminology, 64% of sex workers in Queensland are tertiary educated. 5% even had postgraduate degrees, proving once and for all that being smart and sexually alluring are not mutually exclusive.

Brothel Closures

Now that selling sex has been legalised in many Australian states, most brothel closures are initiated by local councils, rather than the police. Just as all businesses must meet council regulations, a brothel is no different, and failing to do so can result in forced closures.

Sex Workers Number in Their Thousands

It is estimated that there are over 20,000 active sex workers in Australia at any given time. That means that there are nearly twice as many sex workers as there are dentists! Australians clearly have their priorities right.

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Everyone who generates income has to pay tax, including people in the sex industry. Some sex workers can even claim worked related expenses on tax.
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