It may be the season to be jolly (and generous!), but there’s probably one person you neglect every December: yourself. Break the trend this year by treating yourself to something special for Christmas – while still remembering the important people in your life, of course! Here are some ideas for presents to indulge in to reward yourself for making it through another year.

A Solo Getaway

Christmas is a hugely social occasion. And while it’s nice to have family and friends everywhere you turn, this can also be exhausting. What’s the best way to stay cheerful throughout the festivities? Having an alone-time retreat to look forward to in early January, that’s what!

Whether you’re flying across the world for an extravagant vacation or just driving a little inland for a countryside escape, nothing recharges the batteries like proper relaxation and getting back in touch with yourself. If you have family or work commitments to keep in mind, a simple weekend away could be enough to start the new year feeling refreshed.

A Hot Night with an Escort

A luxurious hotel suite, a delicious dinner and wonderful company… A date with a gorgeous escort is a self-given gift you’ll never forget – and one you might want to repeat much sooner than next December! While your chosen lady may not be available on Christmas Eve, you can make a booking any time and Santa will happily make a late delivery on whichever day suits you and your date. Check out our gallery of gorgeous model escorts to find a girl who really jingles your bells.

A Season Pass to Whatever Floats Your Boat

Are you a frequent moviegoer, a diehard NRL fan or a theatre buff? Take care of your favourite social events for the next year with a season pass (assuming the venue/company you follow offers these). Being able to walk in without the hassle of buying a ticket helps you enjoy yourself from the first moment. And there’s a definite satisfaction from knowing you’re saving cash in the long run.

New Sports Gear

Whether golf, tennis, football or cycling is your sporting activity of choice, chances are there’s some sort of equipment or gear you could upgrade for Christmas. Buy a new bag for your clubs, replace your old worn-out racquet, or choose a comfortable new pair of soccer shorts. Playing sports keeps you fit and healthy, so you can even think of this as more of an investment rather than just a present for yourself!

The Latest Gadgettall blonde in xmas dress

Do you need the newest smartphone or the hottest laptop on the market? Probably not. But if you’re going to indulge yourself this Christmas, you might as well choose something that looks cool and is genuinely useful. Depending on the last time you upgraded your gadgets, you might be pleasantly surprised by just how handy the latest tech can be!

This December is the time to treat yourself, so save some of that Christmas cash for a present of self-love. You’ve (probably) earnt it!

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