Your escort is there to provide you with companionship and intimacy. Many of the best dates for both client and escort often don’t begin in the bedroom. It really adds to the experience to try something special together at the beginning of the evening. Here are a few fantastic date ideas that could make your next evening with an escort truly memorable.

Go out for Dinner

Going out for dinner is one of the tried and true dating staples. And it is because it works so well. A dinner date is a good opportunity to get to know each other, and a little wine during the meal always helps each party to open and relax. Make a booking at your favourite restaurant – your date would love to start their evening there with you.

Cook her a Meal

Nothing impresses like a home cooked meal. Find a hotel that provides access to a full kitchen – there are many in the CBD and surrounds. Arrive early with a few select ingredients and have a delicious meal ready for when your model arrives. Show your sophistication by selecting a wine that perfectly complements the dinner. Put your culinary flair on display – it will greatly impress your date.

Do something Physical

The very best escorts keep their body in prime condition. You’ll find that most escorts love exercise and do it regularly to keep in the best of shapes. Start your date while the sun is still shining, and do something that will make you both sweat. A jog or cycle around beautiful Sydney Harbour will get your heart pumping and your body primed for action.

See some Live Music

If you love rhythm and music, take your escort on a date to see a live band. There are plenty of fabulous live music venues around Sydney. Whether you’re into jazz, rock, hip-hop or classical, there’s a local venue that will perfectly suit your tastes. If it’s the right sort of venue, hit the dance floor with your date. Dancing together is a fantastic way to develop chemistry and see how well you can move together.


Bowling is unpretentious, easy to do, and ends up being a lot of fun. There are a number of bowling alleys popping up that cater to adult tastes – the lights are set lower, they serve higher quality food and alcoholic drinks are on offer. This is a great night out if you want to see your date’s playful side.

Something to keep in Mindthree sexy girls working out

Your escort will love the time you spend together. Please be mindful that your date should be part of the time you’re paying for, and that you are responsible for any costs. It is impolite to suggest that your escort meet you on her personal time or that she shares the bill.

A date with an escort can be a lot of fun. It helps break the ice, gives each of you an insight into each other’s personalities and helps develop a stronger bond before intimacy– something that is particularly beneficial if you’re after the girlfriend experience.

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