A lot of brothels are now advertising that they have ‘escorts’ available. There is a big difference between a high class Sydney escort and a brothel girl – while each has their place, you want to make sure that you are getting what you paid for.

Here are 10 reasons why you should never order an escort from a brothel:

1. Draw the Short StrawBrothel Escorts

Brothels do line-ups where in-house clients choose from 3 to 10 available girls. If you phone a brothel for a Sydney escort, they will send you the girl that no in-house client has picked. Or they will automatically send you the worst girl because they know she won’t get chosen in the line-up.

2. One of Many

Most brothel girls work very long shifts, with very short 20 or 30-minute bookings. This means that the ‘escort’ you get from a brothel has seen many men before she comes to visit you, and will continue back to the brothel afterwards.

3. Fresh is Best

While our Sydney escorts come fresh to you from their homes, brothel girls have often been sitting around in a room with other girls smoking and perhaps drinking while they wait for bookings.

4. Different Mentality

We never take on girls who have worked in brothels because they tend to look at men as a dollar sign, whereas our Sydney escorts genuinely love their work and enjoy male company.

High class sydney escort5. Quality vs. Quantity

Our Sydney escorts are of the highest quality because we want to ensure that you are happy with the lady we send you. A brothel on the other hand will employ any girl to keep the numbers up for walk-in clients.

6. No Photos

Brothels tend to have an extremely high turn over of ladies, so they do not bother to use real pictures or update their website. Our website features 100 percent genuine photos of each lady, as all of our Sydney escorts do a photo shoot upon starting.

7. No Description

Because brothel receptionists are used to clients coming in and choosing from the line-up, they will not have the ability to paint an accurate or perhaps honest picture of the lady that will be coming to visit you.

8. Conversation Skills

High class Sydney escorts are naturally outgoing, confident, classy and educated. They need to be able to converse on an equal level with a gentleman as their bookings sometimes last for several hours. Most brothel bookings last for just 20 minutes where no talking is required, so brothel girls often lack these skills.

9. Bedroom Skills

Brothel ladies can become one trick ponies, whereas escorts are always evolving with a genuine desire to please each individual client.

10. Location, Location, Location

Having sex in a brothel bedroom will never compare to the excitement of having a lady at your home or hotel. Imagine screwing one of our lovely ladies on your favourite chair… it’s an experience and a memory that will last a lifetime!


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