high class model escort in lingerieEveryone has their demons, right? Whatever regrets you might have or negative events you might have experienced, you may not realise just how broadly these ghosts from the past can impact your life today. The bedroom is one place where things you haven’t let go of can really haunt you, sometimes even stunting your ability to perform and enjoy sexual pleasure. Whether you’re getting it on with a long-term lover or having a steamy encounter with one of our model escorts, nothing should prevent you from satisfying your partner – and yourself. Here’s a look at how moving on from the past can add an extra bit of delight to your sex nights.

What Do You Need to Leave Behind?

Before you can enjoy having sex unhindered by your past, you need to do some personal reflection. What situations or issues from previous years could be affecting your sex life? You may have regrets about love interests that got away or still feel ashamed about a night that didn’t go so well. Your demons might be large, such as being the victim of a sexual assault, or seemingly small, such as an instance where being drunk turned a sexy encounter into an embarrassing misfire. Whatever kind of monkey you have on your back, it’s essential to recognise it before you can deal with it. Only then can you work on moving on and looking forward to the benefits below!

Overcome Your Fears and Inhibitions

Past experiences that we view in a bad light can often interfere with how honest and open we are with current partners. Overcome this issue by identifying what happened and recognising that dwelling on it does nothing to help you. By moving on from this, you will find yourself more comfortable with discussing your desires and fantasies with a sexual partner without fearing rejection or ridicule. And, after that, the benefit is fairly straightforward – being upfront about what you like sexually will help you have sex that is truly satisfying for you.

Make Sex More Frequent and Fulfilling

When you have negativity from the past hanging over you, it’s easy to shy away from situations that lead to sex. You avoid parties because a party is where ‘that incident’ occurred. You shy away from brunettes because the girl of your dreams had brown hair. It can be hard to break away from these habits. But once you do, you’ll realise that your mind was playing tricks on you; those past situations don’t create a pattern that you’re doomed to follow. A new partner or new sexual experience is just that: new. With those demons behind you, you’ll be able to pursue sexual fulfilment more often, more confidently, and more passionately.

You might be surprised by how much your sex life is enhanced once you’ve chased those demons away. If you need a boost to get you back into enjoying sex the way you should, spending an evening with one of our gorgeous Sydney escorts could be just the thing. Choose a beautiful lady from our gallery and get in touch when you’re ready to make a booking.

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