tall leggy brunette bisexual escortFreedom, satisfaction, honesty and pleasure: there are definitely benefits to being in an open relationship. While this concept certainly isn’t a good fit for all people (many shudder at the very thought of it), there are also a great number of couples who thrive in the absence of monogamy. Just ask any of our gorgeous model escorts – we regularly book dates with individuals (and sometimes couples!) who are in open relationships.

Let’s look at why open relationships work really well for some people. (Note: This might help you decide if an open relationship is right for you, but remember: this is a decision you need to make after considering your personal circumstances and the feelings of your partner.)

Mutual Agreement and Satisfaction

Perhaps the most crucial ingredient in a successful open relationship is mutual agreement. If one party is resistant to the idea, or only agrees due to feeling pressured into it, you can expect a bumpy road ahead. However, if both people fully understand what’s involved in the open relationship and really are keen to try it out, there is a lot of potential for sexual satisfaction for both partners – without any betrayal or guilt.

Honesty and Fairness

An open relationship encourages honesty – about attractions, affairs and feelings. While a traditional relationship would force a drunken fling with a colleague to stay locked up inside and leave you feeling guilty, an open relationship encourages you to openly share and discuss these events and your emotions.

Another benefit of these arrangements is that they are inherently fair. The rules (or lack thereof) apply to both you and your significant other equally – or at least they should. Ideally, this combination of transparency and fairness means no nagging suspicions, no jealousy, and a stronger bond between the two of you.

Successfully Setting Expectations

If you want your open relationship to work, it’s essential to discuss your expectations with your partner. Are any people out of limit? Can you bring sexual partners home? Is it okay to tell your mates that your relationship is open? Knowing how both of you feel about these questions will help ensure neither of you are feeling like the ‘loser’ in your open relationship.

Another key decision to make is whether you will be sharing details of your external conquests with each other or if your separate sex lives will remain private. Some people prefer to hear everything, while others are happy to just know the basics.

Genetic Predispositions

Some people’s genetic makeup makes them more likely and willing to love multiple people simultaneously. Without going into too much science-y talk, some individuals simply have more oxytocin – a hormone linked to bonding – than others. If both members of a relationship fit into this category, it’s only logical that an open relationship could work well for them.

No matter what your relationship status is, you can always rely on one of our stunning escorts to satisfy while staying discreet. Some of our girls are also available for threesomes – perfect for open couples looking to explore their options together! Call us on 02 9922 2899 to book a date.

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