Age: 20
Hair Colour: Brunette
Bust Cup Size: C
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 170cm
Size: 6
Rate: 770p/h

Introducing our latest young model Olivia… a stunning young Australian girl only new to escorting. From her photos you can see that Olivia has been blessed with an incredible body, long and lean with curves that are firm and youthful. Her natural olive skin is golden and smooth as silk, her long hair falls in soft waves down her back. Olivia is exceptionally beautiful, with huge almond shaped blue eyes and full soft lips that compliment her gorgeous smile, a smile that can capture and melt any man’s heart.
Olivia is more than just a stunning young model, she is also friendly and intelligent, the perfect companion for any occasion. With her soft husky voice Olivia can be charming and witty…. she is the gorgeous sexy Model that still knows how to be carefree and fun. Like a magazine cover girl, Olivia is that unattainable hot girl that you have always fantasized about. Here’s your chance to make that fantasy a reality… live the dream!

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