stunning blonde escort in pink lingerietall blonde escort swaying to musicWhether you want the perfect playlist for sizzling sex or just some smooth tunes to help set the scene for your steamy session, music is a powerful way to spice up your sexual encounters. The best part about it is the availability of different saucy songs to suit whatever atmosphere you are trying to create. Want to get down and dirty? Maybe kink it up a bit? A passionate pursuit? Whatever mood you are looking for, we have the perfect modern song to put in the number one slot for that playlist.

Fire Meet Gasoline – Sia

If you’re looking to put a sultry spark in your caress, Fire Meet Gasoline will ignite a yearning lust like no other. From Sia’s husky voice to the building crescendo, this song will make you want to connect with someone in every way possible.

Too Close – Alex Clare

A seductive start to any evening, this song is the soundtrack to every longing touch. The line ‘something inside that I need to release’ is enough to stir anyone with a pulse, and if you take the time to listen to the rest of the lyrics, you might feel a heightened sense of ‘naughtiness’ at what you’re doing. Move in time to the rhythm of this song and let your body naturally move with the swelling of the music.

E.T – Katy Perry

For a mind-blowing experience that will take you to another world, you can’t go past Katy Perry’s E.T. Possibly one of the ultimate songs to set the mood, this is one piece of art that fulfils its original purpose. From the heart-beat beat behind the melody to the carefully crafted lyrics, this song is sure to get your heart racing and your fingers reaching.

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

Are you already imagining the sexy strip tease that will be the beginning of a wild romp? You will of course need a song that your escort can dance to while still being perfect for the occasion. The sharp accents on off beats give her an ideal opportunity to create drama and build suspense, leaving you wanting more at every stage.

Never Feel Alone – The Dangerous Summer

If it’s the girlfriend experience you’re after, then something a bit more romantic might be on the cards. Never Feel Alone will make you feel like your life is a scene from a romantic movie, with you and your model escort the stars of the show. It will take you through the journey of tender touches and hesitant moves, right through to the moments when things start to heat up. For a closing song for this playlist, try Yellowcard’s One Bedroom. You will find that you genuinely lose yourself in this realistic experience, and you will also end up with a couple of powerful songs to trigger your memories of the night.
Plan ahead for an evening of passion and prepare your playlist so it’s ready to go when you need it. Once it’s complete, have a listen through, and if it puts you in the mood, don’t hesitate to contact us to book one of our Sydney escorts. Your next tryst awaits you!

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