You won’t find the word monogamish in any dictionary, but it refers to a very real and increasingly popular relationship status. To be monogamish means that you’re in a committed relationship but can have sex with others. And given most of the human race’s apparent inability to stay faithful to just one person, embracing this lifestyle could be the solution to a whole range of modern-day relationship problems. Still not convinced? Don’t make up your mind until you’ve read what it’s really like to be in a monogamish relationship.

The Definition of Monogamish

The problem with trying to pin down what it really means to be monogamish is the broadness of the term. From swingers to people in open relationships, monogamish couples come in all shapes and sizes. For some people, the ability to maintain a healthy and happy relationship depends entirely on their ability to keep any adulterous behavior on the lowdown. Sort of like a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. In these kinds of partnerships, both parties will sleep with other people, but they won’t actually tell their significant other about it.
On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for monogamish people to insist on 100% honesty, where every sexual encounter they have outside of the relationship is discussed openly. It may take time to figure out which arrangement works best for you and your partner, so don’t expect to get the hang of it straight away.

It’s Still Scandalous

Given that we live in a culture where sexual exclusivity is prized beyond all other relationship goals, it’s no wonder the idea of being in a monogamish relationship is taboo. From the minute we’re old enough to date, it’s drilled into us that unless our romantic partners are completely faithful, they must not love us. The concept of being monogamish directly defies this way of thinking, which explains why so many people are averse to it.
If you plan on giving monogamishy a try, be careful who you tell. Some of your friends will probably respect the way you choose to live your life, but not everyone will be so kind. The trick is to not let what other people think bother you. So if you do end up being honest about the fact that you’re in a monogamish relationship, you’ll need thick skin.

The Monogamish Movementblonde in red silk corset

Despite the fact that it’s still considered distasteful by some people, it appears that monogamish relationships are gradually becoming more common. Rather than resigning themselves to either a lifetime of pent up sexual desires or a relationship breakdown, couples are embracing the lifestyle. With apps like Tinder and so many dating sites now available, it’s never been easier for couples to get a little action on the side while maintaining an outwardly conventional relationship. Who knows, you might already be in a monogamish relationship – you just never knew what to call it.
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