hot blonde model escort watching a movieSometimes it’s hard to know what to do when you get a hot date back to your place. Do you immediately take it to the bedroom? Or is that too presumptuous? Asking outright could potentially break the mood and ruin your chances. So how can you lead into a bit more action without seeming desperate or rude? One solution is putting a sexy movie on to get the mood going. Here are our top picks.


One of the most notable sexy movies of all time, Ghost is all about the romance. The way those hands move sensually in sync. Try suggesting a scene recreation to your date. Your hands might not be the only part of you that gets intimate.

Charlie’s Angels

Badass women, crazy stunts and ridiculously sexy outfits – what’s not to love? On top of its own appeal, Charlie’s Angles can also give you plenty of roleplay ideas. You’re Charlie. She is, well, whoever she wants to be. But she’s your angel. And you give her assignments. You can surely take it from there.


If you’re trying to ignite some diiiirty action, then make sure you put Unfaithful on. This story of a sordid affair will be sure to get your blood circulating – or at least reaching the right places.

Cruel Intentions

Seeing Annette lose her virginity to Sebastian is enough to spark even the flattest of dates. If you are still paying attention at the end of the movie, it will be a surprise for everyone.

Romeo and Juliet

Who can resist the tragic tale of the star-crossed lovers? This is a great one to put on when you are thinking there won’t be another date. A few episodes of passion, followed by a turn of events that makes your failure as a couple inevitable. You can use a Romeo and Juliet-themed line when it comes time to let your date down gently.


We’re not suggesting you crash into your date like a ship into an iceberg (although if that’s what you want to do and she’s into it, go for it). “Draw me like one of your French girls” has got to be one of the most iconic sexy lines of all time. When the time comes, if your date is up for it, you could try and recreate that steamy car session. Just make sure you aren’t about to get disturbed by an officer with a flashlight! Don’t forget the hand print – then you’ll have something to remember your amazing evening by.

Movies are a great way to set the mood and get to know someone. You get to discover aspects of their personality, like whether they are a chatter or a watcher when the film starts, as well as learning how they feel about various topics presented throughout the movie. Any physical action is really just a great bonus!

If you don’t have the time or patience for the dating scene, browse our gallery of gorgeous model escorts and find your ideal movie companion. Contact us to book your date night – and don’t forget the popcorn!

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