Reaching orgasm isn’t always easy — for women and men. This can be pretty frustrating, but it’s important to remember that M.I.A orgasms can happen to anyone.

If your climatic mojo’s gone missing, try these orgasm hacks with your partner, Sydney escort, or during solo play to get it back.

Orgasm Tricks for You Both

Learn to relax 

 If you’re tense you’ll struggle to climax. Help yourself relax by spending longer on foreplay – kiss, touch or indulge in a massage. Sex is about being in the now and enjoying all the sensations. Press pause on your daily stresses and you’ll find it much easier to come.

Communicate with your lover

 Learning to communicate with your partner or Models escort can be a great step towards reaching orgasm. It’s important to let the person you’re with know what you like. Either tell them exactly how to help you reach climax, or let them know they’re on to something through less direct communication (like moaning).

Use lubricant

 Lubricant is a simple yet very effective bedroom accessory that can heighten sensations and increase pleasure. The extra slip and slide decreases unwanted friction, so you can go as hard and fast as you want without any discomfort.

 Orgasm Tricks for Her

Allow yourself to fantasise

 Your brain and imagination are a powerful sex organ. Just as you fantasise during masturbation, there’s no reason you can’t do this during sex with a partner too. Close your eyes and pick your favourite sexual fantasy to help you reach that Big O.

Don’t forget the clit

 The majority of women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. If you’re teetering on the edge but can’t quite get there, throw in a bit of clit stim to push you over the edge.

Experiment with positions

 Different sex positions stimulate different areas of the vagina. If doing it one way isn’t getting you off, switch positions and see if that helps you hit the spot. You can also try different positions when masturbating. You may find you come more easily standing in the shower than lying in bed.

 Orgasm Tricks for Himblonde female in skimpy lacey lingerie with hand down panties

Become multi-orgasmic

 Orgasm and ejaculation are two very different things. Learn to control your breathing when you start creeping close to climax – this will delay your orgasm while still allowing you to enjoy plenty of satisfaction. Becoming a multi-orgasmic man takes time, practise and discipline, but is well worth it. Perhaps it’s something your Models escort can help with?

Discover the perineum and prostate

 Between the testicles and anus is a stretch of skin. This is your perineum. Located about two inches into your anus is the prostate. Have either of these areas stimulated during sex, oral, or masturbation and you’ll find the path to orgasm even easier.

Try a cock ring

 Cock rings are sex toys designed to help guys delay ejaculation by applying a small amount of pressure around the base of the penis. If you’ve never used one, pick a silicone or stretchy jelly one. They’re still very effective. Wear it during sex or masturbation until you’re ready to come. Once removed, work yourself back up to climax and when the barriers finally burst, you’ll find it much more intense and satisfying.  

Sometimes the best orgasm hack is making sure you’re with someone that turns you on. To spend time with a gorgeous woman, book a date with a Models escort today.

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