blonde model laying on bed in hotelSome women are so beautiful and so charming that they can make everything around them fade away, bringing your entire focus to their beauty and skill. They’re so enchanting that they make you forget who you are, let alone where you are! Whether she has that effect on you or not, you should always meet your escort in a safe, comfortable location. While most agencies will arrange the location on your behalf, here are a few things to consider if you’re required to make the hotel booking for your next date.

It’s not Usually a Problem

Nine times out of ten, your escort or agency will arrange the perfect meeting place for your encounter. This is generally how we prefer to operate when we book our clients in with one of our beautiful Sydney escorts. It simply takes a lot of the hassle out of the equation and ensures the location is safe (for you and your date), of high quality, and completely comfortable. Unless you’re after something particular, it’s often best to go with your escort or agency’s suggestion.

Ask the Agency

Escorts have been to nearly every room in nearly every hotel. In some ways, they can provide the best travel advice out there. Put a call in to the agency while you are still making plans for your holiday or business trip (you can find our contact details on the Contact Us page). Good quality agencies can let you know which hotels in the local area their patrons and girls use frequently.

Easy to get to

If you’re booking on your own, consider your hotel’s location. A hotel in the CBD or surrounds is usually preferred. There may be excess charges for your date if the escort is required to travel to an out-of-the-way suburb or town. You don’t need to worry about public transport availability or access to parking. A companion or driver usually drives escorts directly to the date.

No Complicated Security Systems

It’s easiest for your date if she can walk straight through the lobby and take the lift directly to your floor without hassle. However, many modern hotels have security features that prevent visitors from easily moving around. Some require guests sign in or announce their arrival to the front counter clerks. Some elevators require key or passes to access the guest floors. When booking, balance your security needs with the ease of access afforded to guests.

Many hotels shut down their front entrances at night. If you’re having a late night encounter, pick a hotel that enables you to buzz your date in directly. This is much more preferable than having your escort check in with a night clerk, who may or may not be friendly towards them.

A Location That Suits Your Plans

Many guys are interested in an escort for the girlfriend experience. If that’s what you’re into, consider what you plan to get up to with your date when you book your hotel. Do you like going drinking and dancing with your date? Pick a hotel near the nightlife. Do you prefer to dine out? Find a hotel that’s surrounded by quality restaurants. If you like to get active with your date, pick a hotel that’s near a gym, park or bike track. A hotel in close proximity to the activities you like to do will make your date much more enjoyable.

Avoid Airbnb

Airbnb is not a great option for a date with an escort. Many agencies won’t let their girls visit residential premises, and they consider rooms and apartments booked through Airbnb as part of this category. Traditional hotels have security cameras and other security benefits that aren’t available in residential homes. It’s best to avoid any issues and stick with a traditional hotel.

Your experience will be much more pleasurable if your chosen hotel provides an escort-friendly environment. Keep these tips in mind next time you’re charged with booking the hotel room for your hot date with a hot escort.

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