Sexy brunette on bed in lingerieObviously the main reason men book high class escorts in Sydney is the same as everywhere else around the world: for their own pleasure and gratification. This is perfectly acceptable. You are paying good money after all, and you deserve to leave your booking feeling sexually satisfied. However, our girls have reported that a growing number of clients are concerned for their escort’s pleasure as well.

At Models Escort Agency, we love men who are considerate lovers! If you want to learn the secrets of pleasuring a high class escort, read on for our juicy how-to guide.

She’s Different From a Normal Woman

While your Sydney escort is just like a normal woman in all the ways that count (the sexy curves of her body, the purr of her voice and the seductive look in her eyes), she is different in one major way: you are paying her for her time and company. Many Sydney escorts are happy to do their job and bring you to an incredible climax, without expecting to receive pleasure in return. After all, it is her job to gratify you – whether that’s by playing naughty games, giving you the blowjob of your dreams, or simply bending over and letting you have your wild way with her! Having said that, all women (including high class escorts) appreciate a thoughtful, caring man.

Trust is the Key

If you want to make your Sydney escort moan with pleasure, the first thing you need to do is gain her trust. The more relaxed and comfortable she feels, the more likely she is to allow you to pleasure her… and to do all the naughty things you want to do!  This point is worth noting even if you are mainly interested in your own gratification.

Listen to What She Wants

One of the biggest mistakes men make is treating all women as if they are the same. The one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to sexual technique. Just because your ex-wife loved having her earlobes sucked, does not mean that your Sydney escort will love it as well. However, most women do enjoy a sensual massage. This is a great way to start as it helps to relax her and build trust. Next you could try gently kissing different parts of her body. As she becomes turned on, she will respond and you will find a sizzling new rhythm together.

Pleasure Outside the Bedroom

Beyond sexual pleasure, there are lots of things you can do to show your Sydney escort a good time. She will love it if you are respectful, kind and courteous; if you treat her like a woman, rather than a sex object. At the end of the day, your Sydney escort booking is about satisfying your own desires, and you are not obliged to pleasure her. However, we hope that this guide has been useful for those of you who want your chosen lady to enjoy your time together!

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