Is your anniversary rolling around again? Are you getting tired of the old ‘dinner/movies/sex’ routine? Spicing up your annual celebrations is easy – simply follow this recipe for creating an anniversary to remember.

Add One Teaser

Handwrite a note for your partner and leave it somewhere they will find it while you’re not around. Drop some hints about what the evening has in store for them, and add a personal touch – get them to recall an especially hot experience you had together one time, or include a sexy photo (just make sure they have some warning if it’s possible they may open it work). Set the scene and get the excitement up!

Combine with Something Special

Pick an outfit that boosts your confidence, or plan a roleplay that will knock your partner’s socks off (along with the rest of their clothes, hopefully). Arrange a meaningful dinner that holds some significance for the two of you and let that lead into reminiscing or new fantasies.

Heat the Room to the Optimal Temperature

Whether you’ve booked a room at a nice hotel or are spending the evening in at home, make sure the room is perfect. Think about the atmosphere – music, lighting and scent are all elements that will help you create a sizzling scene. If you’re at home, make the bed up fresh and tidy up the room to make it inviting – any mess is a potential distraction from the main event!

Flavour Twists for Personal Tastes

That’s the basic recipe for an amazing night – personal tastes vary though, so don’t be afraid to deviate from this and create a unique mixture that really hits the spot. Here are some extra ‘flavours’ you can consider adding to your special celebration!

Extra Person

For a really memorable anniversary, why not literally add someone else to the mix? You don’t need to make an awkward call to a friend to gauge their interest either; there are professionals, like our model escorts, who love to help inject new life into relationships. You can enjoy a guilt-free experience without the hassle of involving someone you have to interact with regularly.

Glow Sticks

Give these a chance before laughing them off. Wrapping parts of your body with glow sticks and turning all the lights off can provide tantalising, erotic glimpses of parts that are normally familiar to you. Think thighs, waist and neck, or see just how creative you can get with them.

Play Games

You could play sexy versions of games like ‘two truths and a lie’ or ‘never have I ever’ – not only can you get a thrill out of the game itself, you also get to know more intimate details about your partner. Before kicking games like this off, make sure you’re both comfortable hearing about and talking about each other’s past. Or make it more physical and try something like naked twister. You can get in some sneaky grabs, and it almost always ends in a hot tangle of limbs!

Eat TogetherPortia in sexy black hat and lingerie

We don’t mean dinner here, either. Pick some sexy foods like whipped cream, and use each other as the serving plate. Of course, you will get pretty messy and you might just need to have a bath or shower together at some point. It’s the icing on the cake for any anniversary recipe!

If you want to find someone special to help you and your partner celebrate your day, or even if you just want to spice it up in the bedroom, you can check our gallery for stunning Sydney escorts ready to help you out. Call us on 9922 2899 to secure your date today!

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