Would it surprise you to learn that escorts have a far higher standard of sexual health than the average Australian? Well, it’s been proven by research. Given this potentially surprising fact, our wonderful Sydney escorts have decided to share some of their favourite tips for enjoying a sex life that is healthy and satisfying.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask when you’re next booking an appointment. Our girls can give you great advice to put any concerns to bed (before they do the same to you!).

Bad Signs

We probably don’t have to tell you that you don’t want to see bumps, rashes and warts on your genitals. And you definitely don’t want any unusual discharge or burning sensations. While each could just be the result of a passing irritant, they’re often the first signs of more serious sexual health issues. Keep an eye on anything you notice down there that is a little unusual. We recommend a visit to the doctor if it doesn’t clear up after a few days. Get it sorted for your pleasure as much as your health – many girls won’t go all the way with a client exhibiting these symptoms.

Think Above the Belt

The symptoms aren’t always on display down below. Sores and irritations around the mouth can also be a sign of sexual health issues. Sure, it might just be the beginning of cold sore, but it’s best to get it checked out by a doctor just in case. There are also plenty of sexually transmitted infections that display no symptoms at all.

Wear a Condom

Construction workers rely on their hard hats. Arborists have their ropes and harnesses. For escorts, the condom is the standard piece of workplace safety equipment. Countless studies have shown how effective condoms are at preventing the spread of all sorts of sexual nasties – AIDS, warts and everything in between. You might have heard of some girls that will allow you to go condom-free (usually in exchange for a financial bonus); however, we just don’t think the pleasure is worth the risk. Don’t stress if you turn up for your date without a condom as no self-respecting escort is ever without one!

Have a Conversationmodel blonde talking about safe sex

The wonderful thing about our current society is that sex isn’t taboo. If you’re in a position where you’re about to shed your clothes with another person and have wonderful sex, you should be confident that you’re also in a position where you can have a conversation about sexual health. Ask your partner about their sexual health and whether they’ve been tested recently. The tricky thing is to ask in a way that doesn’t kill the mood. We’ve found on the whole that, if broached sensitively, partners generally appreciate the opportunity to have the conversation.

Sexual health is an important issue. Whether you’re with a long-term partner, someone new or your favourite escort, it’s important that to always practice safe sex. It will ensure you and your partner enjoy a more fulfilling, more pleasurable sex life without any interruption.

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