beautiful brunette on telephoneThere are three things you can be certain of when you’re with a beautiful escort: she’ll look amazing, she’ll make you feel amazing, and she’ll have screened you before the date even began. We will always run a basic screening process the first time any guy books in with one of our stunning Sydney escorts. In the interest of transparency, this post will outline why most agencies screen and some of the methods they use to do it. If you’d like any more information on screening please feel free to contact us any time.

Why Screen?

Screening is just a method for escorts or agencies to check you are who you say you are. Why would they want to do that? There are three reasons main reasons:

1. To ensure you are a safe person to spend time with. While 99% of clients are great guys, there are always the odd one or two that are difficult. Screening helps us feel confident that we’re sending girls on dates with safe, reputable guys.
2. To ensure you’re not a known time-waster or non-payer. There’s nothing worse than wasting time and effort on someone who’s never actually going to follow through. Most agencies keep a register of known no-shows and time-wasters so the girls can spend time with guys that’ll actually appreciate them.
3. To ensure you’re not going to be the cause of any conflicts of interest. For example, most agencies will want to know if they’re booking their girl in to spend time with a police officer or a member of the judiciary.

Basic Screening

It’s almost unheard of for an escort to take a booking without taking your name and number. As an initial check, they will usually ask to call you back on the number you provided before the booking details are finalised. This gives them confidence that you can be reached. After the booking, they’ll generally run a check on the phone number. There are a few online services that can match phone numbers to names and sometimes even addresses.

Small World

Like businesses in any industry, there are a lot of connections between the various escort agencies. The best form of security you can offer to a girl when booking is to provide the names of one or two girls you’ve already spent time with. If they feel they need to do some further checks, they then have the freedom to call and get a professional ‘reference’.

Just Searching

Escorts aren’t different to anyone else. If they need information, they’ll often just turn to Google. If they have any concerns through the screening stage, they might just Google your name and location to see what pops up. You can learn a lot about how someone will behave by checking the photos and posts on their social media accounts!

What Not To Do

There have been stories of ‘agencies’ that have requested copies of passports, drivers’ licences or other forms of photo ID. Because of the risk of identify theft and fraud, we would generally advise that you avoid sending these details around. Do a little of your own screening. You don’t want to give away anything really important until you’re sure you’re dealing with a reputable escort agency.

Be prepare to be screened the first time you make a date with an escort. It’s a quick, simple process that’s put in place to make sure everyone can have a fun but safe date.

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