If it’s your first time with a high class escort and you are unsure what’s expected of you before and during your booking, our foolproof guide to escort etiquette will set you straight in no time.

Even long-term clients may learn something new that helps them understand how their favourite Model would like to be treated… and a happy escort means a more pleasurable experience for you!Sexy naked busty blonde

The most important thing to remember is that a high class escort is a professional, just like an accountant, a dentist, or a lawyer.  You pay them money to provide a service. A high class escort should be treated the same as any other service provider: with respect and courtesy. Trust us, having good manners will pay off: you generally get better service if you are nice to the person providing it! This is true whether it is a mechanic servicing your car, or a stunning model servicing your body with her skilful hands, full breasts and mouthwatering curves.

Like all other professionals, our sexy sydney escorts work to make a living. They generally enjoy their job and form good working relationships with regular clientele over time. As you get to know each other better, you will discover how best to pleasure each other, and your sessions will become more enjoyable. She will learn exactly what you like and give it to you time and time again, taking you to new heights of sexual ecstasy with each session.

However, at the end of the day, it is a business transaction, and you need to be as respectful as you would be with any other service professional. Although your high class escort may enjoy your sessions because you are a good client, she will not appreciate you turning up late, negotiating the agreed fee or refusing to pay.

Being respectful also means being able to take no for an answer – if you ask for a service she doesn’t provide, don’t push the issue. No means no.

Seducing a high class escort begins with the first enquiry. Our managers  are helpful, friendly and professional. They will listen to what you are looking for and then match you with the right girl… as long as you are polite and respectful. If you make the receptionist uncomfortable, she is unlikely to send a Model escort to meet you.

Remember that this is essentially a business call! Please only phone or email us if you are genuinely interested in booking.  Just like the high class escorts, our managers  are professionals. They do not appreciate ‘dirty talk’, bragging or smutty emails. They also do not appreciate clients who haggle over charges.

As you can see, you don’t need to be a millionaire or a sex god to seduce a high class escort. Good manners win out every single time!



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