Ever think about reincarnation? If you like a little (or a lot) of sexy action, here are five animals you should definitely put at the top of your wish-list to be reborn as.

1. Dolphins

As if the playful nature and high level of intelligence wasn’t enough, dolphins are extremely liberal toward sex. They exchange partners regularly and engage in orgies. And while actual intercourse doesn’t last that long (they are the original 10-second guys), frequency makes up for duration.

2. Bonobos

Do you find yourself fantasising about having sex with almost every person you ever encounter? If that’s you, then pull on your lime-coloured jumpsuit because you’re about to go green with envy. In bonobo society, sex is used as a greeting, as a celebration, as a reconciliation tool and as a fun way to pass time (we feel you, guys!). Gender is secondary to the experience – homosexual encounters are commonplace and normal. Forget fighting to protect your territory: there’s another f-word bonobos use to settle disputes.

3. Chinese Fruit Bats

If you love a great 2-for-1 deal, the Chinese Fruit Bat might be the animal to inspire your next encounter. To start with: bats have sex upside down. If that’s not cool enough, while in the act, the female bat gets all crazy-flexy and bend down to give Mr Bat some oral pleasure at the same time. If that’s not inspiration to get your local yoga instructor’s number, we don’t know what is.

4. Antechinuses

Antechinuses are marsupials found in Australia and New Zealand. They are normally loners and prefer to while away the hours in their own company. That lasts right until breeding season begins. Then things start to get a bit more intense. Have you ever just had sex for ages and then collapsed into sleep after you were done? These furry little creatures get busy for about 14 hours at a time. When exhaustion causes the male to stop, he collapses into sleep as well. The only difference is: he never wakes up again. Not a bad way to go, really!

5. Tasmanian Devilstall slender model with nipple clamps

The Tassie Devil is known for being a bit of a vicious creature, and this seems to extend to their sex lives. Think full-on BDSM-style violence – controlled by the female. The more violent the male is toward her, the more highly she thinks of him. Biting, scratching, kicking, getting the handcuffs and whip out – everything is on the table when it comes to rough play between a pair of devils. There’s a bit at stake for the male Tasmanian Devil: if he misses a few punches or doesn’t slam her against the wall hard enough, she turns the tables and beats him up, leaving him to lick his wounds while she searches for a man who will leave her appropriately bedraggled. Go hard or go home, gents.

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