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Something that combines the pleasure of sex with the health benefits of exercise? Who wouldn’t sign up for that?!
Well, that’s exactly what the phenomenon of sexercise is all about: engaging in sex in a way that also makes it count as exercise (even more so than regular sex does). And if anyone can testify to the fitness benefits of sex, our Sydney escorts can; after all, they’re no strangers to getting physical! In fact, check out our gallery of beautiful ladies – you may just find the perfect woman to introduce you to sexercise.
Sexercise is particularly great for people who don’t enjoy or have trouble finding time for traditional workouts. But, before you rush into the bedroom, how exactly does sexercise make you fitter? It does so in three main ways, which are explored below.

Cardiovascular Health

Make no mistake: regular sex gets the heart pumping and is therefore good for your cardio. Sexercise takes this benefit to the next level. Practise injecting your movements with enough vigour and momentum to really get your body working. To maximise the effect, work on recognising the right times to stop and start again in order to lengthen sexercise sessions into a proper workout. Aim for 30 minutes as a minimum target. Not only will this improve your cardiovascular health (particularly if practised frequently), but you’ll also notice yourself performing better and longer when having sex purely for pleasure.


Sexercise is a great way to test the limits of your flexibility… and then exceed them. Think of it like yoga, but naked with a sexual partner. If flexibility is the key thing you’d like to improve on via sexercise, be sure to try a variety of positions during your session. Self-confidence is important here, as you may find yourself in some awkward spots. Just keep in mind that, if a position becomes too uncomfortable or painful, you can simply move on to a different one and save that one for another night. As long as all your limbs and your core are being put under some strain, sexercise will certainly build up your flexibility over time.

Muscle Strength

Whether you’re supporting your own weight, your escort’s weight, or a bit of both, participating in sexercise is sure to give your muscles a workout. As with flexibility, if you want to focus on improving your muscle strength, you’ll need to have a go at a diverse range of sexual positions to make sure no muscle groups are missing out. Luckily, the main ones that get a workout during sexercise (or even regular sex) are sometimes the ones you mightn’t focus on too much at the gym anyway, such as your glutes, abs, hamstrings, and triceps, depending on your chosen positions.
Just in case you’re still not convinced, regular sexercise has the additional benefit of increasing your testosterone levels (or oestrogen levels for women), which can make your bones and muscles stronger and healthier. So what are you waiting for? If you enjoy sex and wish you had more time for working out, kill two birds with one stone and take up sexercise today. Our Model escorts are more than willing to help!

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