Are you considering kicking off an eagerly anticipated encounter a few hours early with some technological foreplay? Sexting is incredibly popular, with many adults claiming to have sent a risqué photo or two. So how do you maximise your return on this intimate investment of your time? And how do you ensure that you don’t get met with a “HAHAHA LOL”?

If It’s Not On, Turn It Off

The first and most important rule of sexting is that sending unsolicited sexts is not cool. Ever. Whether it’s pictures, words or links, if you have not confirmed that the recipient is eagerly awaiting your raunchy revelation, do not send. Repeat: do not send. Unexpected and unwanted photos in particular are more likely to make someone feel more awkward, uncomfortable or upset than aroused. If you have flirted for a while and you feel ready to take that step, try to suss out whether they are open to more – if you are still unsure, be a grown-up and ask!

Also, make sure the person you are messaging is exactly who you think they are. If you’re spicing it up with a stunning model escort, ensure you have booked through a reputable agency; if you’re sexting someone else, it’s always best to meet first.

Remember: Not Everyone Is Visual

Are you turned on easily by a topless woman? That’s fine – but don’t assume that everyone is in the same visual arousal boat that you’re in. If you’re sexting a woman, remember they are less turned on my images and more interested in images created by words. Tell a story. Get creative. If you send a pic, put it into context. How will you use that photo to help give her a night to remember?

If You Really Have To, Do It Right

So everything is fine and you are 100% sure that a dick pic is just what your co-sexter needs in their life at this moment. If it’s happening, put in the effort to make it memorable in a good way. Here are some basic elements to help you nail it (so you don’t lose the chance to nail her).

Lighting and Background

Even the best picture will lose its edge if the background shows your messy bedroom, a dirty bathroom or your mate watching TV in the other room. Avoid the Halloween theme as well – an eerily green member caused by the light of your laptop isn’t turning anyone on.

Presence of Other Things

The focal point will likely be that key part of your anatomy regardless of what else in shown. Don’t make it the only actor in the show, though. This close-up, zoomed-in pic has been described as being ‘as erotic as belly-button lint’. You can do better. Don’t add in inanimate objects for comparison – instead, include more of your body in the shot. A real man with a great package always wins over the not-so-seductive one-eyed selfie.

Don’t Stress About Sizebusty brunette in orange lingerie

A man who has to rely on size to please women possibly has some insecurities about skill. Imply your sexual prowess by displaying your member tastefully, alongside descriptive text that will have her begging for more. Don’t mistake ‘big’ for sexy, either. Use angles to get a great-looking shot, and forget about trying to manipulate everything you possibly can to look as big as possible.

Sexting can be a great prelude to an amazing physical encounter. Keep in mind that it’s not designed to be an ego-boost for you – it’s a two-way street to pleasure.

Don’t limit yourself to sexting though; our stunning escorts are experts in social and private situations, so you’re guaranteed a good time no matter what the occasion entails. Browse our gallery and contact us today to book your incredible date.

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