Penis size is one of the few areas where some males still get hung up on imperial units of measurement. We’ve found that it doesn’t matter how many inches a man has, he always wishes he had one or two more. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t matter. Our stunning Sydney escorts have seen all shapes and sizes, and know just how to work with whatever package your packing.

It Really Doesn’t Matter For Us

Some guys have a small penis; some guys have a huge penis. It’s a fact of life. And to be honest, it doesn’t bother us where you fall on the scale. We just want to help you use it to have the best sexual experience of your life. Contact us if you’re concerned about your size and we’ll find a girl with the body and expertise that’ll be a perfect match. If you’ve felt like the size of your penis has held you back from experiencing sexual satisfaction, you’ll be totally blown away by what one of our beautiful girls can do for you.

We’re Not The Only Ones

It’s not just the pros that don’t worry about penis size. A major survey in the UK found that 85% of all women were completely satisfied with the size of their man’s penis. The findings were the same across the board. Most women were happy, regardless of whether their partner’s penis was above or below average.

It’s What You Do With It

The size of your penis is definitely not the be-all and end-all in the bedroom. Whether you’re big, small or average, it’s what you do with it that actually counts for most women. Ladies want a guy in their bedroom that is charming, full of life and a bit of fun. Penis size often has nothing to do with how much pleasure you can give to your partner.

There’s More You Can Do

Also, keep in mind that penetration can often be the least enjoyable aspect of sex for many women. They actually get a lot more out of stimulation to other erogenous zones and the overall passion in the atmosphere. If you’re concerned that your partner isn’t getting what they need from your efforts, why not let your lips or fingers take over for a while. As long as it feels good, she won’t have any complaints.

french escort posing in lingerieToo Much of a Good Thing

Don’t be so quick to envy the guys who’ve been blessed with extra inches. Talk to any guy who has a bigger than average penis and he’ll tell you that’s it can be more of a curse than a blessing. They might have explosive sexual chemistry with a girl, but then find there’s no outlet for the tension because they don’t ‘fit’ sexually. At Models Escort agency, our ladies are experienced and have seen just about everything – no matter what size you are, we’ll find the perfect escort for you.

Penis size. Guys seem to care a lot about it, but to be honest, most of us girls don’t really care. However big or small you are, with a bit of confidence and skill, you can still give your partner an absolutely fantastic time in the bedroom.

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