Joanna escort for couples booking in sydneySometimes flowers and neck massages don’t cut it anymore. If you and your partner are stuck in a rut in the romance department, you might need something surprising, something different – something a little risqué even – to bring the spark back. Have you ever considered a threesome? At Sydney Models Escorts, we’ve helped countless couples bring the passion back by pairing them with one of the stunning girls in our galleries . Read on to find out if a threesome is just what you and your partner need to put some spice back in your sex life.

Finding the Right Girl

Finding the right escort for your threesome experience involves a lot more than just picking out a girl who’s okay with couples. You need a girl that’s attractive to both you and your partner. She must have a personality that gels with each of you so you’re both at ease. There’s also a lot going on in the bedroom during the ménage à trois, so you need a girl who knows how to coordinate all the movements for you and your partner’s ultimate pleasure. Ask a few questions when you’re making a booking to find out just how each escort approaches couples experiences.

Nothing Awkward

Many couples don’t try a threesome because they’re worried that while it sounds good in theory, it might actually be awkward in practice. There are no such fears with our girls. Sure, they’re sexual experts. But they’re also experts in people and situations. They know just what to say and do to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Let your escort be your guide. She’ll show you both how to get the most out of the experience so you both leave feeling like it was the best night you’ve ever spent together.

Tips for Guys

Guys – don’t think the threesome is all about you. The temptation is there to just lie back like a boss and let the two girls work their magic on you. It’ll feel great, but probably won’t do much for your relationship. Make sure your partner is enjoying the experience as well. Team up with your new sexual companion to make your partner’s wildest dreams come true too.

Also, make sure you’re not focusing too much on the escort. Regardless of how laid-back your partner is, she’ll soon start take offence if she feels that you’ve only got eyes for the new girl. You want your time with an escort to reignite the sexual spark at home, not leave you sleeping on the sofa for the rest of the month.

Split Up for SatisfactionAngelique experienced escort for threesomes

If you’re lucky enough to be in an open relationship and your girlfriend/wife is bi-curious, why not set up separate dates for you and your partner on the same night. Go out for dinner and drinks together, then split off for a quick fling with an escort. Enjoy your separate experiences, then you’ll have plenty to talk about when you rendezvous back at the bar later that evening.

If you’re looking to explore your sexuality and rediscover your passion, a couple’s session with one of our stunning girls might be just up your alley. Who knows – you both might enjoy it so much that it becomes one of your regular dates!

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