A simple ribbon of lace, a sheer piece of chiffon or a band of leather can wondrously transform the already desirable body of a woman into something even more sensual and exotic. There are few things sexier than a beautiful woman working a teasingly revealing lingerie ensemble. Here’s a run down of some of the different styles of lingerie available so you’ll know just what to ask for when you’re organising your next date.


The negligee is all about intrigue and expectation. Negligees are like dressing gown’s sexier, more adventurous sister. A negligee is usually made of multiple layers of flowing, semi-translucent chiffon or silk that go past the knees nearly to the ankle. They’re usually tied together with a silk belt at the front. Negligees are designed to tease, giving hints and outlines of the fantastic female figure that’s underneath. It’s a sexy piece of lingerie that radiates class and sophistication.


The babydoll is a younger, flirtier style of negligee. Think flowing, almost see-through fabric, but with a much more revealing cut. In fact, babydolls are usually cut so short that underwear is plainly visible. They show a flirtatious amount of skin, with a girl’s the legs, shoulders and arms bare, and the flowing fabric delightfully accentuating the curve of the breast. Some feature a split in the front that pleasingly exposes the midriff area. The babydoll is playful piece of lingerie for lively, spirited girls.


The camisole is a more form-fitting version of the babydoll. Camisoles more closely hug the skin, accentuating a woman’s curves to great effect. Camisoles will either end above the waist or be cropped to completely expose the midriff, and would be paired with an exotic pair of panties or G-string.

Corsetsanastacia in tight red corset

We all know corsets – they’re a favourite of the pinup girls and dominatrices in our movies and magazines. Corsets are fitting pieces of lingerie that tightly lace at the back to accentuate the breasts and the hips by drawing in the waist. They give women those hourglass figures that drive men wild. All varieties of material are used, from delicate lace to chic leather. They usually feature cups that greatly emphasise the breasts; however, there are equally sexy versions available that start below the breast. To increase the eroticism, the corset is usually paired with matching panties, garter and stockings.

Bodysuits and Teddies

Bodysuits and teddies are similar in design to one-piece bathing suits. They’re skin-tight pieces of lingerie made from lace or mesh, designed to unmistakably show off a woman’s brilliant figure. A bodysuit can have sleeves and even a collar, while a teddy is typically sleeveless and can even be strapless. They are designed to tempt and tease, and can be made even more exotic with cutaways on the midriff or an exposed back. Like corsets, bodysuits and teddies can be paired with garters and stocking for something extra special.

Whatever your taste is, there’s a set of lingerie out there that will make you weak at the knees. Don’t be afraid to ask for your escort to wear a certain type of lingerie on your next date – we’re more than happy to wear whatever will set your heart racing.

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